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Pest control in Henley on Thames 

We are a family run business unlike many other pest controllers in that our approach to ridding you of rodents is not to go straight to the use of poison. We are of the opinion that the use of rodenticide as the only way to control rats, mice and squirrels is ineffective, the use of rat poison leads to a re-infestation and as the only recourse to your rodent problem: ultimately unprofessional. 
We trap all rodents for a number of reasons: firstly we will have marked up the likely access points and we use any caught animals to confirm our thoughts so that we can seal up this access point to prevent a future re-occurrence.  
The second reason is that when these animals are poisoned they will often die where they nest and if this is inside your home or business they your problems are about to be magnified: they rot within the property and if they can’t be found you will have an awful smell, bluebottles then maggots and finally more bluebottles when they pupate. Why would a professional pest control company work like this? 

Non-Toxic Pest Control Delivered Throughout The Local Area 

We don’t rule out the use of rodenticide but we only use it as a last resort and this is usually when we have found a bad infestation. We cover Maidenhead and Windsor but also Sunningdale and Ascot, Henley on Thames and Marlow. 
Rats Dead wasp
We are fully insured with public liability and our technicians are all trained to Royal Society of Public Health standards, as a sign of our commitment to deliver the best possible standard of pest control we are accredited with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use; their aim is for a reduced amount of rodenticide to be used right across the industry, protecting both the public and our precious wildlife. 

Pest control in Henley on Thames - Drain surveys as part of our standard treatment  

The determination we have to rid your of rats has seen us invest in drain survey equipment; we don’t charge for these surveys as this is all part of our service to you in finding out the access point in the case of rats; we aim to get you rodent free and for you to stay that way. We work on the premise of Integrated Pest Management – rather than just the use of poison we investigate and identify the access point, controlling rodents through physical means which results in sealing up the defect keeping you pest free for the future. 
Our approach to all your pests is very much the same, we carry out a lot of bird guano clean ups because we have a similar attention to detail – 7 years service in the Royal Air Force and 30 years as a local authority firefighter has left me with a benchmark of what standard I consider to be a professional standard and this has been passed down to my son. 

Mole control in Henley & Marlow 

We carryout mole catching on a no catch no fee basis, some pest control companies will charge you for the attendance of their technician without even setting a trap – we charge on proven results and we use humane traps to catch and kill moles. 
We carryout a range of pest control treatments: bed bugs, ants, wasps, cockroaches and more in Henley and Marlow as well as Maidenhead and our ethos is to treat your home or place of work as if it was our home – we say that our customers are our priority and we mean it. 
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