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Pest Control throughout the Windsor area 

Maidenhead Pest Control are a local, family run pest control company and although based in Woodley we are only a ten minute drive to Maidenhead. Here we are able to provide a swift, high quality same day service for all types of pest control in and around the Maidenhead area including Ascot and Windsor. 
The area is well known for the Maidenhead thicket which used to be an area popular for highwayman attacks, robbing passing coach passengers travelling to or from London on the Old Bath Road. Unlike those highwaymen of the past, Maidenhead Pest Control won’t leave you penniless; we provide an affordable pest control service throughout the Maidenhead area dealing with a wide variety of pests. 

Pest Control Delivered Throughout The Local Area 

We don’t simply limit our services to the Maidenhead area; we provide our post control services to the following locations. 

Pest control in Windsor 

Windsor is a town chock full of history especially associated with the Castle, but back in the 17th Century Windsor had a pest house; these houses had nothing to do with ‘pests’ and were in fact buildings where victims of the plague would be bought and isolated from the population. The pest house was at a place which was called, Puttocks Gate where sadly there remains no trace of this today.  
If you have pests in your house in and around Windsor then Maidenhead Pest Control can help by locating the source of the infestation, eradicating whatever is the problem and providing physical proofing so that it doesn’t repeat itself in the future. Our aim is to get you pest free and to keep you that way. 

Pest control in Bisham 

The eerie wood at Bisham was the inspiration behind the Wind in the Willows where poor old Ratty; not a rat but a water vole is now an endangered species and nothing like a rat at all. Ratty was very much mis-named by Kenneth Grahame, at Maidenhead Pest Control we know the difference and you can be assured that when you call us out, rats too, are endangered. 

Pest control in Winkfield 

This village had a witch in the 19th Century who could shape change into animals and was believed to have become a squirrel and a hare to pester villagers. The only pests you’ll find in Winkfield now are the type of pests that we deal with: rats, mice, squirrels and insects. At Maidenhead Pest Control we deal with all of your pest problems with a same day callout. 

Pest control in Touchen End 

The name Touchen End derives from the words for a fork in the road, it is also thought to mean where two chains = Twychene are stretched across a road to levy a toll on travellers. Either way, when you ask Maidenhead Pest Control to deal with your pest problems you can be sure that you’re on the right road and we won’t extract too high a toll. 

Pest control in Taplow 

The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital at Taplow was reputed to be haunted and there were many tales of paranormal activity if you believe in this type of thing. Back in the 1960’s the hospital also had a maternity ward, actually where my wife was born .... I don't know about paranormal activity but she still haunts me now all these years later, she's a lucky girl! 

Local Effective Pest Control In and around Windsor 

Here at Maidenhead Pest Control, all of our staff are fully trained and possess top pest control qualifications with the Royal Society for Public Health . We aim to give you only the highest quality of customer service at a reasonable price. 
For those looking for swift and discreet pest control in and around Windsor, Bisham, Winkfield and Touchen End, call us on 01628 30 20 48 today. 
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