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Pest Control in the Sonning and Wargrave area  We are a local family run pest control company, based in Woodley, all our staff are fully trained and hold top qualifications from the Royal Society for Public Health. Our staff also receive continuous training and assessment from approved bodies meaning that we are able to provide you with an up to date first class pest control service.  

Pest control in Hurst  
Hurst: from the old English word for a settlement on a wooded hill – hyrst. We are based in Woodley just around the corner from Hurst and the only hill we can think of is where the church is? What we do know is that we provide low cost pest control in Hurst. We get a fair number of wasps and hornets in Hurst as well as fleas; if you need pest control in Hurst give us a ring, all pests are dealt with through a low cost professional pest control service. 
Pest control in Sonning  
Sonning means “Place of Sunna’s people”; Sunna was a Saxon chief who was thought to live in Sonning and whose people lived throughout Berkshire; place names from Sunna's people include Sunningdale and Sunningwell. We are based in Woodley and carryout a full range of pest control in Sonning; dealing with rats and mice along with moles, wasps and hornets, and just like Sunna, we also work throughout Berkshire! 
Pest control in Charvil 
One of the most famous Charvil residents is the gardener and TV star, Alan Titchmarsh who appeared in the Ground Force program. We often provide pest control in Charvil and maybe because of the boom in wooden decking which resulted from people watching the Ground Force show, decking is now responsible for many rat infestations in gardens all over the area ... oh Alan! 
Pest control in Twyford and Ruscombe  
Twyford the town with two river crossings, and was an important stopping of point in the 18th Century, the parish of Twyford and Ruscombe have been steadily expanding and the parish have set up a Twyford 2020 strategy for a vision of the future. We know that now and for the future, there will always be a need for pest control in Twyford for pests like rats, mice and wasps. 
Pest control in Wargrave  
In 1086 the Domesday Book states that there were just 250 people living in the village. As a pest control company we know that Wargrave has its share of rats and mice and all manner of creepy crawlies and that when we come to town; its doomsday for them! If you need local pest control in Wargrave, give us a ring – we’ll often be there within the hour. 
Pest control in Knowl Hill  
The last working Berkshire brickworks was in Knowl Hill; clay from around the area has been dug and used to make bricks since the Romans invaded. Another invader found in Knowl Hill are rats and mice which come into properties during the colder months, we offer a full pest control service in Knowl Hill where we will trap and then proof your home against rodents and any other pests, if you need pest control in Knowl Hill I'm the ro - man for you!. 
Pest control in Warren Row and Cockpole Green  
Bowsey Hill has a reputation of being the abode of lost souls where travellers if chancing upon a ghost could ask a last question which the spirit would be compelled to answer truthfully. We don’t know much about spirits but we do know that we’re good at dispatching all manner of pests and our judgment is final, we carry out the full range of pest control service in Warren Row and Cockpole Green so that nothing goes bump in the night. 
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