Rat in a drain
When it comes to rats we look further than many other pest control companies; we use drain survey equipment as standard in our initial survey - after all we want to get rid of your rats ... so do you. 

Rat problem resolved in Maidenhead 

We attended a property in Maidenhead that had a long term rat infestation, previous attempts to sort out the problem had failed as the rats kept on coming back into the house; I say this a lot and I apologise but using rodenticide is just a short cut to no-where. Yes, you'll kill the rats but without determining how they're getting in you won't solve the problem. 
Our answer is to run a drain camera along the drains; as professional pest controllers we sometimes know from the area that the issue is going to be drains even before we arrive at the property. 
Other times just the smell coming up from the drain is enough to tell us its a drain issue (rats have a couple of very distinctive odours and I'm sorry to say - I recognise them anywhere I go). 
In this case we could only travel a few metres until the camera head got stuck, so breaking our convention on not using poison straight away we installed a one way valve as a temporary measure to prevent further inward migration of rats along the drain and poisoned the inspection pit. 
A couple of days later we resurveyed and saw this: a dead rat in the drain 
Dead rat in drain
Case closed: there is a defect within the drains as we thought which is past our camera travel zone, we passed this onto a specialist company who cleaned the drains out they ran their own CCTV survey finding a fault where the vertical stack pipe joins the horizontal drainpipe. They can repair this and the customer faces a large bill but it is vital for the building so a essential repair, together we will leave the valve in place keeping out the rats until the repairs are made and the house vermin free. 
The second survey also highlighted tree roots breaking through the side of the drains and posing a problem in a year or two so this was a potential fault in the future, once the necessary repairs are made our customer will be 100% rat free - and that's what WE want as the outcome for all our rat treatments - rat free and to stay rat free! 
If you have rats running around inside your home just ask the question - 
"Where are they getting in from?" 
If your chosen pest controller isn't interested in finding that out BEFORE THEY PLACE POISON then ask - 
"Are these the right people for me?" 
Straight to rodenticide is a short cut to no-where and a waste of time, yes, you'll be rid of the rats but you'll also have to content with noxious smells, blowflies, maggots and rats again - do it right and do it once; that's how we do it. 
If you have a rat problem in Maidenhead then get in touch as we have the solution 
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