Semi-detached house with a long term rat problem, initial survey found no problems externally and led us to check the drains. We use tracking dust to first identify that there is an issue in the drain and in this property we could actually set rat traps in the drains. 
We caught small rats running through the drain of our customers house, no faults were found within their drainage system, however the adjoining property had undergone an major extension so we looked into their drains. 
This picture shows the junction of the old clay pipe and new modern plastic; the property had undergone a large extension and the kitchen was moved from the front to the back of the house. The builders broke a small piece of clay pipe at the top – a hole the size of your thumb is all that's required for access. The pink stripes are from where the rat has walked through our dust and climbed up into the void behind the pipe, the tails swings about for balance leaving telltale marks. 
No amount of poison would prevent this rodent infestation, control would be achieved for only short periods; we found poison in the loft so we know that this had happened in the past. CCTV drain surveys allow us to look further into your rat problem and determine a solution. 
All that is required here is a one way valve fitted into the end of the pipe, this allows waste to flow out and prevents rats from returning up the drain back into the property. 
Drain pipe
At Maidenhead Pest Control we do all that we can to resolve rodent issues, we don't go straight to poison as we believe that this is a short cut to success and that trapping, investigation and physical proofing are the only way to correctly deal with any rodents in your home. 
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