A serious long term rat infestation affecting a terrace of six properties in Woodley, a drain had collapsed due to ground movement and the rats moved straight in. Long term rodent infestation bought to a speedy conclusion through our drain survey - we look further to resolve your rat problems. 
Picture showing where the vitrified clay pipe has collapsed and dropped down. 
Part of the drainage system had collapsed in a block of six properties; rats were reported as being heard in all of the separate houses and had also been seen in the kitchens. 
Once in rats will exploit any small gap: cavity walls, around pipes and where joists run through and squeeze through to explore their surroundings. If this leads to a food supply like your kitchen then very quickly this can become a major infestation. 
It was easy to identify that this was a drainage issue and we poisoned the drains whilst trapping inside; we then had to survey the system working our way along until the faulty drain was found. 
Fortunately this part of the system was never connected and could be sealed up at no additional cost. 
Broken drain
At Maidenhead Pest Control we aim to solve your rodent problem, no matter if its mice, rats or squirrels we look for the entrance points, seal these whilst eradicating the resident pest population. With us our customers are our priority and we do whatever it takes to get you pest free. 
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