This is the start of our pest control year where we see an annual inward movement of rats, mice and squirrels into homes all over Berkshire. We at Maidenhead Pest Control do our utmost to ensure you're pest free and you remain that way through a process called Integrated Pest Management. 
Autumn is a time of plenty for all rodent species where rats and mice, squirrels or rabbits, the hedgerows and woodland are full of fruit, berries, seeds and nuts. However as the heat of summer recedes we’ll start seeing cold nights and those early frosts – we in the pest control industry know that we’ll see a dramatic rise in callouts for rats in lofts and mice running loose in the kitchen. 
Throughout Berkshires’ built up towns like Reading, Maidenhead, Bracknell and Wokingham we will see the start of an annual inward migration of rats and mice into domestic properties where there lies warmth and food. All summer these rodents have been living in the outdoor environment: sheds, compost heaps and outbuildings where they have been breeding and increasing in numbers. 
The cavity wall of the house leads up into the loft where the presence of insulation, stored items and the convection of heat from below means it’s an ideal habitat for over wintering rodents. In fact if conditions are good enough and there’s sufficient food available the female rat will continue to breed throughout the winter months. 
Rat pest control
Mouse pest control
More rural areas of Berkshire like Wargrave, Sonning, Ascot and Woodley will see a variety of wood mice, field mice and the ever present rats all moving indoors with us to cosy up for the winter. Mice can be especially difficult to prevent as they can squeeze through a hole the size of your little finger; adept climbers they will use ivy, wisteria and overhanging shrubs to gain access into the loft via the roofline of a property. 
Faults at ground level like broken air bricks and redundant pipe holes are particularly susceptible to inward movement of mice and occasionally shrews and these will often inhabit the ground floor of the property especially kitchens. 
Rats will often utilise faults within the drainage system to access the lower part of the house as well and we have even see mice infesting a loft while rats were living beneath the shower cubicle in a house in Maidenhead. 
Squirrels are yet another pest that will gain access into your home in the autumn; a little more in your face than rats and mice they will simply jump or run up onto the guttering and gnaw straight through the fascia boards gaining access into the loft. 
Female squirrels will start to breed in December so it’s important for them to find a suitable place to build a drey and your loft is that ideal place – warm, dry and protected. The female squirrel emits a chirping sound to attract the males so don’t ignore strange noises coming from the loft! 
Whatever you’re pest and whether you live in Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Ascot or Maidenhead we cover your area: we trap the animals rather than poison them so that you don’t have problems with rotting animals stinking the house out and we finish our pest control treatments with physical proofing to prevent a re-occurrence
If you have any issues with unwanted visitors coming into your home, don't leave it as the damage done by all these rodents can be considerable; loss of stored items, spoiled foodstuffs, plastic water pipes gnawed leading to flooding and faulty electrical circuits due to the animals chewing through the cables. 
One call can sort out your pest problem - we don't use poison we trap the animals, find the entry point and seal it to stop you having another infestation in the future - that's why we say "Our customers are our priority" = because you are! 
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