The autumn months pose new pest control issues for householders in Maidenhead, Holyport and Windsor, gone are the summer pests like wasps and hornets but autumn is the time for rats, mice and squirrels to start their quest for somewhere warm to hunker down and see out the cold winter months 
Is there something going bump in the loft at night? Read more. 
Autumn colours in a Fifield plantation 
Autumn in Fifield woods
All rodents whether rats, mice, squirrels and Glis glis (the latin name for edible doormice) will begin their 'inward' migration through the next few weeks. They may have been in the loft for some time but its only now as the nights start to cool that we get increased callouts for pest control in Maidenhead, Windsor and Ascot as these animals start to make their presense known. 
These rodents are territorial so they're always looking for opportunity within the home range for access to additional food supplies and areas that provide shelter and warmth; we are at the end of the major breeding periods for squirrels and mice although rats will continue to breed if the circumstances are favourable = plenty of water, food and warmth. Just consider that all these items may well be available in and around your home! 
As the nights cool and we start to see the first tentative frosts we will start to see an increase of pest control calls; "I'm hearing noises above my bed at night" or "There's something moving about in the roof, I can hear it in the mornings". These are our telltale signs that you've got unwelcome visitors and depending on the noise, the time and the location we can almost guarantee which one it is: a rat moving about at night and early morning (going out and then coming"home"), a mouse moving about at random all over the loft and squirrels moving about throughout the day (plus a little disturbance at night). 
We specialise in deteriming the species of pest through the use of tracking dusts, motion cameras and our experience. After we have concluded the diagnostic part of the treatment we will attempt to confirm this by setting numerous traps; animals caught in the traps will confirm our suspiscions and this will allow us to finally proof your property to prevent a reoccurrence in the future. 
We try to limit the use of poison to a small period at the end of the treatment: if your existing pest control company wants to put down poison on Day 1, how do they determine the access point and how to they prevent the smell of dead rodents rotting in the cavity walls and the maggots and flies that follow? We are a professional pest company and poison is only ever used as a final resort. 
Our aim is to provide a full comprehensive treatment for all types of pest control; we charge a set fee which includes the visits by one of our technicians and the proofing materials. We don't subscribe to a certain number of callouts followed up by cost-per-visit as we make more visits than our competitors because we follow the principals of Integrated Pest Management = Investigation, Eradication, Proofing = CONTROL. 
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