Bee on a flower
We get called out to what people think are wasps when in fact they usually are bumble bee's with the white tailed bumble bee being the most common culprit. We don't treat bee's as they pose little in the way of a threat to us and our approach is education; bee's are beautiful and our survival depends on them
We think as a professional pest controller that the destruction of bee colonies, especially for payment, when simple advice or re-homing is totally wrong.  
Bee's are important pollinators and some species like the masonry bee do not have a stinger so pose no threat to us, therefore their destruction is unacceptable. 
We are obliged by the insecticide label to seal up treated honey bee's to prevent others from becoming contaminated with the chemicals left over, a honey bee nest in a chimney will need removing. If the chimney is used for a gas fire flue, it needs to be kept open and any left over comb may prevent the escape of toxic gases. 
Bumble bee's live in small colonies and again they pose little threat to us as they don't form the same size of colony as wasps, and unlike wasps bumble bee's are not aggressive. 
Masonry bee's will often be seen emerging from the ground in late summer, they all leave their individual nests at the same time and immediately mate - a nuptial flight.  
Due to the numbers of bee's and their colouring which is a form of protection as it mimics wasps, this spectacle can be alarming on first sight, however, these bee's pose no threat to us as their stinger has disappeared through evolution. 
Honey bee on a flower
At Maidenhead Pest Control - we do not treat bee's, education and re-homing are the methods to deal with pollinators. Wasps pose a different hazard due to the sheer numbers involved in a wasp nest; numbers can reach several thousand and that with a more aggressive nature means that wasps pose a real hazard to us and therefore meet the criteria of a pest that can be controlled. 
We deal with wasps nests in Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot, Henley, Woodley, Wokingham, Bracknell and Reading - no matter where you live we can get a technician to you within 24 hours. 
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