Marlow like every town has its problems with feral pigeons roosting on buildings, depositing guano and causing a mess. The rowing club had a major problem around the air conditioning units on a small section of the roof. Through the use of netting we have voided that area off and cleaned out all the mess creating a safe working place. 

Professional bird control service in Maidenhead and Marlow 

Bird control is a major part of our work as pest controllers, and providing bird proofing and cleaning service is something we do a lot of and part of the service I really enjoy, as strange as that may seem. Its very satisfying to go somewhere which is absolutely disgusting, with inches of guano, dead birds and the remains of nesting material all over the floor and then return it to a state of 'normal'. 
This job at Marlow Rowing Club was thought provoking as we weren't allowed to drill into the rendered section of the walls: the construction has four inches of insulation that sits behind the rendering and from there on in, its a single skin over a blockwall which will spall if we'd drilled into it. 
The solution was to build a frame where there are limited hardpoints and then attach the netting to that. Bird netting is without doubt the most effective way to keep pigeons off your property. 
Marlow rowing club
Whether its a simple domestic balcony that requires netting or rooftop machinery that needs protecting from roosting birds at Maidenhead Pest Control we take pride in the cleaning and installation of whatever bird proofing is required, from fixing spikes, installing nets to proofing the underside of PV solar panels. If you need advice on bird control service in Maidenhead then get in touch with us, we offer a free consultation service. 
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