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Feral pigeons are a problem in Maidenhead, particularly around the town centre and people often refer to these birds as flying rats and just like a rat they are an urban pest. No matter where you live in Maidenhead, you’re have a flock of feral pigeons living nearby, and the reason for that is that these birds live alongside us as they were once domesticated for use as a food source. 

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Pigeon with eggs
Feral pigeons are quick of the mark and when they spot a potential roost site they will quickly move in and once they start nesting, their habit of living alongside us makes them difficult to dislodge.  
These birds have adapted from wild rock doves and are completely at home living with us, so much so, that they now breed just like rats do; and that’s all year long. As pigeons can breed throughout the year, this means that suitable nesting sites are at a premium and always in high demand. 
We have a number of methods for excluding feral pigeons from an area, but you have to understand pigeon behaviour as some methods only work in certain applications; it’s all about pressure.  
All birds like to perch on a good vantage point where they can be on the lookout for predators and any potential food sources, this is an important characteristic of feral pigeons as they scavenge from food which we feed them either unwittingly or deliberately.  
Have you ever stopped and wondered why there are so many pigeons living in town centres? They feed exclusively on left over lunches and dropped takeaway food and those people who enjoy bringing in food for them. 

Feral pigeons - bird pressure explained 

If pigeons are regularly perching on a property but not roosting overnight, this is termed as low pressure and the ideal deterrent in this scenario is the installation of metal or plastic spikes to prevent them from settling.  
Spiking will only work in low pressure environments; if these are installed in higher pressure areas ie where the birds are already nesting, the pigeons will simply drop twigs and rubbish into the V shape of the spikes. They will do this until they’ve built up enough of a platform to build a nest on and start laying eggs again. By installing spikes in the wrong pressure area, you’re actually helping the birds to nest on your property and possibly creating more nesting sites, making the problem worse. 
There are some visual deterrents work well in low pressure areas, but don’t underestimate the intelligence of these birds, pigeons are one of the few animals that can recognise their own reflection, so, sticking a plastic owl on a balcony may not be as effective as you’d think. 
If pigeons are roosting overnight, you’re now moving into a medium pressure environment, spiking will be less effective; if another site is available, they may move off. From experience pigeons will persist in trying to roost in these areas and given overhead cover they will also nest, the best course of action in this case is to void the area off with a net. 
In areas where pigeons have begun nesting this is termed as high pressure; feral pigeons are extremely dedicated parents and will not leave this site even if you have a hawk flying over the area.  
Birds of prey are used by the pest control industry to scare pigeons off, but the birds will quickly return to the area and if the raptor flight times aren’t staggered, the pigeons will get used to the timings and just avoid the area when they know the raptor is due – these birds are not stupid. 
A more recent problem in the ongoing battle with these birds is that feral pigeons have taken to roosting and nesting beneath roof top solar panels installed on homes, as these birds are capable of breeding all year long, the only thing that slows or stops the cycle is the lack of suitable nest sites. Solar panel arrays now offer the ideal nesting site for the birds and once a small flock begins roosting, they will quickly begin breeding and the problem quickly deteriorates. 
In a medium or high pressure situation the most effective form of deterring pigeons is to completely void the area off preventing any form of access. We can do this by installing netting or wire mesh in the case of solar panels. Bird netting is extremely versatile and can be used either horizontally or vertically to encase any size area, from rooftops to small balconies, netting can enclose any area. 
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The main advantage of using bird netting to deter pigeons is that this is an humane way in which to control the pigeons. By using netting, we don’t kill or hurt any of the birds as our presence scares them away from the area whilst we’re installing the net.  
Once the netting is in place the pigeons will have no access meaning that the birds will leave of their own accord. They may stay around for a while but without overhead cover from the elements they will need to find someplace else to roost. As competition for roosts is high and the most suitable sites are already taken, this flock may be unable to find a new nest site. Without a suitable site they are unable to nest and so this is an effective form of birth control without harming the birds. 
Bird netting is the most effective deterrent against any number of birds, from one to a hundred, when correctly installed a bird net will work against any number and with the use of a translucent net, it is virtually invisible giving an effective and discreet bird deterrent. Here at Maidenhead Pest Control our technicians are trained in the installation of bird netting and we have a wide range of fittings at our disposal which means we can rig a bird net just about anywhere. 
In accordance with Working at Height Regulations our technicians are also IPAF trained and we often hire and use a variety of motorised booms and scissor lifts to give us safe access just about anywhere. We use quality bird nets that are UV stabilised their lifespan is around ten years when correctly fitted, we can include access zips and even steel and mesh doors to allow contractors access for plant machinery that maybe behind the netted off zone. 

Effective pigeon control from a local company Maidenhead Pest Control 

A correctly fitted net should be virtually invisible and its presence means that feral pigeons no longer have access to the area so you’re free from the noise of the birds, discarded feathers and their excrement. We are licensed waste carriers and we carryout a comprehensive guano removal and cleaning service, this is available for both the domestic and commercial sectors and we can give you a no obligation quote for any bird clean up required. 
We fit bird nets for a wide range of premises both in the commercial sector and for residential customers, from underground car parks where pigeons are roosting on overhead beams to a major hospital’s roof top plant machinery where they pose a health hazard. We also carryout pigeon control work on domestic properties and install bird nets on small urban balconies and wire mesh around the base of solar panels systems. 
If you’ve got a problem with pigeons then we can offer you a cost effective solution. 
For more information on what we can do for pigeon control in Maidenhead - click on the button to visit our pigeon pest page. 
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