The Beast from the East blew in and caused havoc, but not for us ... we just followed the tracks  
We were called out to a report of rats in a domestic garage in Cox Green, Maidenhead. It was obvious where they'd gnawed through the door frame of the side door and got in. 
Lots of damage to stored items in the garage; they'd eaten through a pile of old towels, shredding the cotton up for bedding. 
Behind the garage is a shed; we just followed the footprints to where they live. Most likely explanation is that they have burrows in the dry soil beneath the shed. 
Soil is a great insulator and living in burrows is their natural choice; easy access to food and water and safe from predators. 
Household food waste was also kept in the garage and this is what attracted the rodents in the first place. Keep all waste secure in either a dustbin or a wheelie bin. Leaving it lying on the floor is a recipe for rat problems. 
Three weeks of trapping and proofing up the door frame with a steel plate will see this customer rat free.  
As we say - "Rats all Folks!" 
Rats in Maidenhead
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