At this time of year when the temperature plummets we see inward migration of rats and mice into our homes, offices and workplaces all over Maidenhead; in addition this is the first of two squirrel breeding seasons, so if that wasn't enough we find a rise in call-outs for these as they invade our properties looking for nesting sites. 
If you suspect or have a rodent problem within your property or ever the grounds, snow can be beneficial as it allows you to track the travel routes and identify any access points. 

Rat control services in Maidenhead 

Rats are predominantly on or below ground level; from a pest control perspective if they're in your drains and accessing the interior here then its a specialist issue. However if they're getting in via an opening at ground level then you can do a riddance treatment yourself - don't make the mistake of throwing poison around as you'll make things worse by attracting more, killing the wrong species and then ending up with rotting carcasses in your home. 
After that you get carrion flies which leads to maggots and finally another outbreak of carrion flies; we rarely resort to the use of rodenticide within a property. 
Mice will come in from ground level right up to the roof: look closely at climbing plants for redundant pipe holes in the brickwork (upstairs toilet overflow is common) or if the plants reach the roof. 
Mice are great climbers and as roofs are designed to breathe, the spaces to allow passage of air also allow mice in - cut back those climbers. 
Squirrels are fantastic climbers and can easily run up standard brickwork, there's not much you can do to prevent squirrels but look at adjacent of overhanging vegetation. Primarily arboreal in nature they prefer to move through tree's so removal if definitely necessary - squirrels can jump over five times their body length so that's your cutting gauge. 
Snow on the ground
Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we're happy to help you with your pest problem: our aim is to get you pest free and then carryout hard physical proofing so that you stay that way. If your pest controller just wants to use poison then you'll never be free of the rodents; our customers are our priority and we do more than that. 
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