Rat in a pipe
How do you deal with a rodent infestation in your home? There are two ways; the wrong way and the right way using IPM - our recent job in Boyn HIll. All sorted without the use of poison and sorted for good - this is pest control done the right way. 
Integrated pest management – the sensible way to control rats in Maidenhead. Here is a picture of a rodent infestation in Boyn Hill; it was all down to the buildover where the waste pipe runs through the outside wall of the house. 
Rats had dug down and then used the cavity wall to gain access to the loft where its nice and warm and were up there disturbing the residents. We trapped the loft and caught two rats and trapped the access point and caught a third. 
As soon as it was reported to be quiet we dug back the buildover and sealed it up; we can give a 100% guarantee that rats won’t be getting back into the property via this route. While we were there we also sealed up a redundant pipe hole left by a plumber. 
Thats IPM in action – no rat poison, no bad smells, no flies and no maggots, all done in four weeks for one set price. In our opinion its pest control done the right way, if you live in Maidenhead, Holyport, Wargrave, Sonning or Henley and you’ve got rats make sure that you’re dealing with it properly otherwise they will be back come the autumn. 
Rat control in Maidenhead
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