Snow on trees
The unexpected blast of cold air brings in a rise of call outs to deal with rats in Maidenhead; as the weather starts to warm so they're breeding rate rises and the cold snap see's an small outbreak of rat infestations. 
The weather is really changeable at this time of year; Monday and Tuesday saw the team working at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, stripping off a single storey building roof and cleaning out pigeon guano and installing bird control. 
Monday we got soaked, Tuesday we worked in T-shirts and by Friday I’m wearing two coats and a hat mole trapping in Cookham and Burchetts Green. Pest control is a diverse as the weather it seems! 
The cold blast has certainly stirred things up; this bitterly cold airstream is called the Beast from the East and this is causing an influx of callouts to another beast from the east – Rats. Originally from an area to the North of China, rats have travelled ever westwards with trade and human migration. 
Rats breed all year round and that rate rises in the spring through the summer months; we’re dealing with two calls a day to rats in and around Maidenhead and we’re also seeing many young ones running about. 
As well as the rats, the moles are becoming more active as their breeding season kicks off in a couple of weeks. Warmer weather and increasing sunshine seem to be the starting gun for many pests to start breeding. 
Whatever pest you have in Maidenhead, you can be sure that when you choose us to carry out the pest control you’ll get a quick, professional service from a family run business. With us it’s a case of no beasts just beauties * 
*Subject to opinion – just not sure who’s. 
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