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As winter grips hold of Maidenhead with the first snow fall, rodent calls spike - don't let pests into your home! 
The winter solstice has just passed meaning that the days are getting longer and we can start looking forward to spring and finally summer, however the temperatures generally get colder as we move through January into February. 
This is bad news for many households as rodents; rats, mice and squirrels will seek warmth by getting inside the void areas of our houses: cavity walls, outbuildings and lofts are the targets for all these animals as they seek to get out of the cold to somewhere warmer. 
Both rats and mice will gnaw through plastic airbricks, doorframes and dig down through the earth to exploit any weakness or gap in the brickwork such as a redundant pipehole. 
At Maidenhead Pest Control we always carryout a comprehensive survey of your property looking for entry points, below ground and at ground level which includes rooflines. If your property is semi-detatched or part of a terrace we'll look to your neighbours as well; rodents don't respect that your home is separate to other peoples so why should we ignore that vital point? 
Its often the case that with rodents they will use as many access points as they can often getting into a structure through one gap and then creating more holes over time. This is where the term 'bolt hole' comes from, we've just completed a rat infestation in Holyport where rats were getting into one side of the structure through the drains and had gnawed their way out of the neighbours through a plastic airbrick to get access to split food from a bird feeder. 
Our aim is to eradicate all pests and leave the affected property secure and proofed against future re-infestation, we do pest control the right way. Trapping rats as opposed to laying poison and using those caught rats as a diagnostic tool to indicate where they gained access; our customers are our priority and we mean it. 
Maidenhead thicket in snow
Snow in Maidenhead thicket 
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