Your Health and Safety is important to us 
Maidenhead Pest Control and the Responsible Use of Rodenticides 
Maidenhead Pest Control has signed up to Government initiatives for safe rodenticide use; our aim is to operate in a safe and sustainable manner when carrying out pest control; whether your pest are rats, mice or squirrels we aim to reduce the amount of poison used every time. 
We have signed up to a National scheme and passed that schemes' qualifications in the safe usage of rat and mouse poisons known as rodenticide. 
It is our commitment to the environment that we will only use the minimum amount of rodenticide needed to rid you of your rat or mouse problem and only when necessary to do so. 
We are especially mindful of the effect that rodenticide has on non-target species and we will operate in a safe and ethical manner when applying poisons for rats and mice. 
There is clear evidence that many of our native wildlife species such as barn owls, kestrels, kites, stoats and even hedgehogs are exposed to carelessly used anticoagulants which are the main ingredients found in rat and mice poison. 
Maidenhead Pest Control is committed to the responsible use of rodenticide, therefore we use an Integrated Pest Management program following the protocols laid down by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Control in our approach to rat and mice control. 
When ever and where ever possible we use break-back traps which are designed for this usage and deliver a quick kill to rats, mice and squirrels. Our aim is to be humane when dispatching rodents and as such we do not advocate the use of either glue traps or the use of drowning traps for rats and mice as these are both unethical methods and in the case of drowning traps, their use will be subject to prosecution. 
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