Maidenhead Pest Control - professional local company in Ascot 

We are a local family run pest control company servicing Ascot and the surrounding areas 

Introducing Maidenhead Pest Control 
Started by Tony Smith in 2000 we are a family run pest control company, at present we are a father and son team with Liam Smith and working in conjunction with the future son-in-law Mike Cook who runs his own pest control company in Reading. 
As a locally run business we have you the customer foremost in our thoughts: we aim to deliver the highest standards possible and we have a lot of experience with your local area as we work all over Berkshire. 
What type of pest control services do you carryout in Ascot? 
We deal with a variety of pests from small one of treatments like dealing with a wasps nest to eradicating rats from beneath someones floorboards. We work in both the domestic and commercial sectors providing long term monitoring for our commercial customers and occasionally a country estate: we provide bird control services, mole catching and all insects like bed bugs and cockroaches. 

Rat control in Ascot 

Rats are a ever present pest and probably our most common reason for a call out, when it comes to professional control of rats we think we provide that service - we don't use poison as we like to trap. Trapping allows us to monitor their movements and determine the entrance point, as part of our rat treatment we look to seal that entrance when we have achieved control keeping you rat free. We also carryout drain surveys as standard with our rat treatments - we look further than other pest control companies. 

Squirrel catching in and around Ascot 

Again our approach to dealing with all rodent pests is to use traps and so we use approved humane traps to catch squirrels. We will seal up the entrance point if they have got into your loft or roof-space stopping birds and other rodents from using that entrance point. 
It is illegal to release a live caught grey squirrel back into the environment as they are classed as vermin - trapping is the most humane way of getting rid of your squirrel problem. 

Mole catching in Ascot 

I started mole catching as boy working on a farm in Hurley, we don't charge up front for mole catching and that's something you should never do - moles will move into an area and then move off again if the quality of the soil is poor. 
We work on a basis that we think is the only way to provide a professional mole catching service - no catch means no fee. 
I'm confident of our ability to catch the mole and so you;ll only get the bill when we're successful. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Ascot 

We aim to provide the type of service that we would want should we have a pest problem and our approach to wasps and hornets is a prime example - firstly we guarantee our treatments so in the event that the wasps don't die off within 24 hours, we will come back and retreat them for you. 
We also survey your property and if we find any other nests we'll treat these within the same initial price - we don't add on extra charges and we'll guarantee these other nests - that's how we do it. 
We will not treat bee's - these are important to mankind and so we want to protect them - click here for a guide to bee's, hoverflies, wasps and hornets. 

Pigeon control services in Ascot 

Pigeons make a mess - ask anyone who's ever had these birds roosting on their property, here at Maidenhead Pest Control we are experts in pigeon proofing (thirty years in the Fire Service gave me a head for heights), we install netting solutions to bird nesting all over the south of England and we work on both domestic and commercial properties. 
From netting and cleaning up a small domestic balcony to installing a complex net over rood air conditioning plant we can provide risk assessments, COSHH and RAMS for any job - big or small. 

Bed bug control in Ascot 

If anyone ever asked me what are the worst pests then bed bugs would get my vote; horrible bloodsucking insects that invade our beds and dreams these are becoming more and more common. 
They are also highly adaptable and quickly becoming immune to the chemicals that we use in their control - in order to combat this resistance we use heat in EVERY treatment that we do. We use a combination of two chemicals and steam as our standard treatment or the temporary installation of heaters in our full on bed bug treatment. 
Increased travel and higher population means that you can pick bed bugs up from just about anywhere; buses, trains and obviously beds. 
Read our holiday guide to help you avoid these insects. 

Mouse control throughout Ascot 

All rodents are a problem and being prolific breeders mice can be a real nightmare: two types of mice that we deal with, the field mouse and the house mouse. Field mice is a term used for two different species and this includes voles and shrews that may find their way into your home, the house mouse usually lives in terraced properties or blocks of flats and given the construction and occupancy these can be difficult to eradicate as they will breed as fast as you can get rid of them. 
Don't let a mouse in the house become a nightmare - quick action using traps and sealing up access points is the best remedy. 
We are a n independent local company and not a national call centre and we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever and wherever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are links that take you to our main website for more information on the pests we deal with 
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