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Pest Control in Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill 

We are Maidenhead Pest Control and as a family run business we pride ourselves on the service that we deliver; we aim to give the best possible pest control service possible. 
When dealing with rat, mouse and squirrel problems we don’t go straight to the use of rodenticide and the reason for this is that if you have rodents in your property then we need to find out where they get in and seal that route up - nothing else matters because that way we can get rid of your pests for good!  
Too many pest controllers start with poisoning rodents without giving a single thought as to how they can resolve the problem. That's not how we work, our approach to rodent treatments starts with a full survey into the whole building, the investigation covers the drains, wall and roofline. 
We often find that the problem lies beneath the ground and in the case of rats they gain entrance through the sewers so to combat this we will carryout a CCTV survey of your drains as PART of our investigation - we look further than many other pest control companies. 
We then use breakback traps to remove the rodents, getting you pest free without the use of poison and with the proofing works you'll stay that way - why would anyone do anything different? 
Big rat

Wasp nest removal in Ascot 

As part of our commitment to deliver the best service as possible, the way we treat wasps and hornets is different to many other pest control companies in that we do not charge for additional nests found when carrying out the initial treatment. 
Wasps live in isolated colonies and you will often find that the bigger, noticed wasp nest is stripping the area of food and keeping another nest close by to a small size; when we treat the nest that we can see the unnoticed nest then booms as the competition has been removed. 
To ensure that the nest is properly treated they will stay to observe the wasps reaction, during this time they will survey the house looking for the other elusive wasp nest - all our treatments are guaranteed so we will revisit and retreat if required as part of the service. 

Mole catching around Ascot 

We are good mole catchers and as such we feel confident to offer our service on a no catch means that there's no fee basis. 
Never pay a pest control company up front for mole catching as there are no guarantee's that the mole is still in the area; these are elusive creatures and rarely seen. If the ground is poor in insect life a mole will move away from the area meaning more molehills somewhere else but none around the original site. 
Moles have two busy periods: late winter at the start of their breeding season and then again in mid summer when the young get expelled from the mothers territory - don't delay in getting a mole treatment as they can do a lot of damage in a short space of time. 

Pigeon control in Ascot 

Pest control changes as our pest species change behaviour and a recent problem is that pigeons like to roost under solar panels and we now provide a service to stop birds from nesting under the panels by fitting mesh around the circumference of the system. 
We don't just deal with pigeons under solar panels but we also provide netting and spiking systems preventing the birds from nesting on buildings and underneath in car parking areas. Pigeons make a lot of mess and we provide a bird poo or guano cleaning service. 
Pigeons pose a health risk as they build their nests from twigs and debris that they find on the streets and bind this material together with their feaces, they will also deposit around the roost site and this matter contains parasites, bacteria and viruses. 
We provide a professional bird guano cleaning service where we will remove the matter, clean up and old nests and dead birds then biocide the area to kill off any remaining bacteria. 
Bed bug treatments in Ascot 
As overseas travel increase's and we travel to far flung places so the chance of bring home an unexpected holiday souvenir increases - in the form of bed bugs! Adept hitchhikers these blood sucking insects are easily picked up and bought home with us. 
Worldwide we are seeing increasing chemical resistance in bed bugs meaning that successfully eradicating them from someone's home has become more difficult. To combat this we have two forms of treatment for bed bug control - 
The first method is to use high temperature heat in the form of steam to kill the insects and their egg's, this is followed up with two separate chemical sprays. The second method for when resistance is known is to bring in portable heaters and raise the entire room temperature to 60 degrees centigrade; this can damage plastics like Venetian blinds and some light fittings as it takes the objects beyond the normal working temperature range. 
Bed bug
At Maidenhead Pest Control our aim is to deliver effective pest control and one based on excellence. Our customers are our priority. 
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