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Pest Control in Henley-on-Thames 

Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible pest control service to you the customer; we are a family run company that treats our clients in the same manner that we’d want our own pest issue resolved. 
For example, we don’t go straight to the use of rodenticide for your rat, mouse or squirrel infestation, the reason for this is that if you have rodents in your home or workplace the most important piece of information that you need to know is where they are actually getting in. 
All to often we see pest controllers baiting rodents without giving any thought to resolving the problem. Our approach to rodent treatments is to investigate the structure; if your building is part of another like a semi-detached house, no amount of poison will stop the rats if the entry point is on the adjoining part of the property. 
Likewise, when dealing with rats their entry into a building is often via a fault in the drainage system, so again, with a view to delivering the best possible service we can carryout a CCTV survey of your system as part of our investigation into your infestation. 
A thorough investigation with the use of traps to physically catch the rodents followed up by hard proofing using wire, cement and concrete will leave you 100% pest free. The sole use of poison to control rodents is all too often a shortcut to nowhere, short term eradication followed by re-infestation some weeks or months later. 
We survey, trap and proof leaving you rodent free so If this is the type of pest control service that you want then we’re you’re team. 

Wasp control in Henley-on-Thames 

We want to deliver the best possible pest control service, and this extends right through into insect treatments like wasps and hornets, we guarantee all these treatments where we will come back if the nest doesn’t die off with no extra charge. 
We also treat any other nests we find on your property at the same time, often we find a house will have more than one wasp nest, the bigger nest is the one noticed and somewhere there will be a smaller nest. The reason for this is that the larger colony is eating both the insect prey for the smaller nest but also some of their drones. Once the larger colony is eliminated then the smaller, weaker one explodes into life meaning that you would have to call out for another wasp removal treatment. 
Our technicians will treat the larger nest and whilst waiting to see a good reaction to that treatment they will survey your property destroying any wasp nests that they find; this is how we’d want our home treated so that’s how we treat yours. 

Mole catching in Henley-on-Thames 

We know of many companies that charge up front for mole catching, so before the technician has even seen the ground you’ve paid the bill. Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we work on the basis of no catch means no fee. 
Moles are clever creatures and if the ground they’re working on does not contain enough insect life to make the work of tunneling worthwhile then they will move off to another area. It is uncommon but we have seen moles turn up and within days leave meaning that a call for mole catching has been unnecessary. We have also seen the work done by much larger companies where they offer a mole catching service but their technicians can’t catch the moles (remember you’ve paid up front?), if we don’t catch your moles then you don’t get billed its as simple and honest as that. 

Pigeon control in Henley-on-Thames 

Pest control evolves around the species that we need to deal with, a fairly recent pest problem is pigeons roosting under solar panels and we often get called to resolve an issue where the birds are nesting under the panels and the solution is to fit a mesh skirt around the circumference of the array. 
Its not just pigeons under PV panels but we carryout netting and spiking to prevent the birds from roosting on buildings and occasionally underneath in car parking areas. We provide a bird poo or guano cleaning service; if the birds can get into a void area of a building like a loft or a plant room, they leave a huge mess in a very short space of time. 
Pigeons build their nests from twigs and debris that they find on the streets and with their feaces it quickly builds up, the guano forms a thick layer which in turn holds insects, viruses and bacteria and this requires a specialist clean. 
Lift motor rooms on the top of buildings along with plant rooms and the occasional faulty roof all lead to areas where we see a pigeon infestation and the requirement for a deep clean. 
Bed bug treatments in Henley-on-Thames 
I just mentioned that our treatments evolve around the species and one of the most rapidly evolving pest species is the bed bug; these insects are fast becoming immune to our chemicals and tackling bed bugs is becoming harder. 
Overseas travel is on the increase and that brings more and more people into contact with these bugs, its not just in the bed where you’re likely to encounter them but also on the flight out! Bed bugs will hitchhike and as they can survive for over six months without feeding, then public transport including aircraft is an ideal place to hole up and wait for the next meal. 
We offer two treatments for bed bugs; the first is a three step method using chemicals, localized heat in the form of high temperature steam followed by another dose of chemicals and the second relies purely on heat. Everything has a temperature at which life cannot be supported – its called the thermal death point and with bed bugs its around 45 degrees centigrade (a bit higher for the eggs) so we use this knowledge to eradicate your bed bug problem. 
We recommend starting with the simple three step method as heat treatments are more expensive and the heat may damage or at least reduce the life of plastic fittings in the home. 
Bed bug
Whatever your problem and wherever the issue, here at Maidenhead Pest Control we believe that there is only one way to deliver effective pest control and that is one based on excellence. We strive to provide the best levels of service that we can, after all, we want to give you the type of pest control service that we’d want. 
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