Pest control in Marlow 

Local family run pest control company servicing Marlow and the surrounding areas 

Who is Maidenhead Pest Control? 
Based in Maidenhead we are a local family run pest control company run by Tony and Liam Smith; we work alongside Mike Cook who runs his own pest control business. With over 20 years experience in the industry we cover all pests: insects, rodents and we carryout bird control work for both commercial and domestic customers across Marlow, Maidenhead and Berkshire in general. 
What pest control services do you carryout in Marlow? 
We cover the usual pests such as wasps and ants but we also specialise in treating bed bugs; when it comes to rodents its going to be squirrels, mice and rats. We provide monitoring services for both commercial customers and those domestic one's who may require this service. We provide a mole catching service along with the bird control work: netting and spiking to prevent pigeons from roosting on properties in the town. 

Rat control in Marlow 

Like many towns across Berkshire we see a surge in rat infestations in time with the seasons; as autumn turns to winter rats will move back into homes and businesses seeking warmth and a steady supply of food. Your property is the ideal harbourage for rats to over-winter in. 
We find many customers report that they had rats last year and another company came out and got rid of them with poison, and now they're back. We don't use poison: we trap all rats as we use them to indicate to us where they're getting in. 
In conjunction with UV tracking dusts and gels we survey and track the rats activity to find the access point into the building; once we've trapped out the resident rats we will seal this entrance to leave you rat free - for good. Trapping rats also prevents any from dying in your loft or under the floorboards and causing a horrible smell. 

Squirrel catching in Marlow 

The problem with squirrels is that live here - they're really a north American animal that was bought over to the UK by well meaning Victorians; with no predators in the UK they have quickly established themselves all over the country displacing the native red squirrel. 
Grey squirrels are classed as vermin and on the invasive species list so they cannot be live caught and the released into the countryside. Although legal to use rodenticide on squirrels we trap these rodents to ensure that we don't leave a body to rot in you loft. 
Having two breeding seasons every year we see these pests becoming extremely active in the autumn and winter months invading peoples homes and businesses setting up home for the cold weather. 
Squirrels in the loft will cause a lot of damage to any stored items and to the actual insulation - don't think that they'll go away of their own accord. 

Mole catching in Marlow 

Moles are elusive creatures and few people will ever see a live mole as they will spend almost all of their life underground. The first sign that there are mole's in an area will be the molehill - loose stones and excess material thrown up by the mole as they dig away in the soil. 
The relationship of molehills to moles and tunnels is complex - a group of molehills indicates a feeding area and that may mean just a single mole; a line of mole hills is where one is travelling between areas. These maybe other mole territories or feeding areas as it depends on the time of year and the breeding season. 
We use traditional mole traps as we will prove that we've caught your mole and we only work on proven results; its called 'no catch - no fee' so if we fail to catch your mole then you won't get a bill. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Marlow 

A summer pest and our most numerous one for callouts; wasps and hornets are dependant on weather - a short crisp winter followed by a warm spring is ideal for the Queen wasps that have over-wintered. 
A hot summer gives the wasps the advantage over other insects; as insectivores they have the ability to take energy from the sun and convert this to electrical energy meaning that they can fly faster than the other insects that they feed on. 
We guarantee all of our wasp and hornet treatments to work within 24 hours - if the nest is still active after that period we will come out to retreat. We also include ANY OTHER wasp or hornet nest we find when we come out to you for no extra charge. 

Pigeon control in Marlow 

Marlow has a lot of pigeons - we know as we installed netting at the Water Sports Hun and took out kilograms of pigeon poo! These birds are exceptional clever and will quickly identify a roost and then move in, being stubborn they are hard to dislodge and the most effective way to keep them off a property is to install spikes or nets as these physically stop the birds from landing and having access. 
We carryout pigeon netting for both domestic customers and commercial one's, cleaning balconies and installing netting, wire mesh around solar panels and netting over roof top air conditioning plant are all common jobs for us. 
Pigeons carry disease, harmful bacteria, viruses and even parasites that will eventually feed off us when the pigeons move on; pigeon poo is highly acidic and eats away at all the surfaces whether metal, stone or concrete. 

Bed bug treatments in Marlow 

Blood sucking parasites that like to travel - that's bed bugs; worldwide there are two different strains of these insects and they have one thing in common: they are becoming more difficult to eradicate as they are becoming resistant to the chemicals that we use. 
You can pick up bed bugs just about anywhere that human beings congregate in for any length of time: obviously hotel bedrooms but also aircraft and long distance buses and trains may all contain a resident population. 
The problem starts when you either pick up the egg's or bring a couple back home with you, breeding quickly an infestation of a few thousand will come about from a single pregnant female in just months. 
We always use heat in our treatments as high temperatures kill them off and we use two types of chemicals to step past the inherited resistance. 

Mouse control in Marlow 

Mice will breed several times through the summer months and numbers will rise dramatically, although they only live for a year the field mice become prolific in the autumn and being able to squeeze through a gap the size of your little finger, once inside a property they can become a serious problem. 
Mice will deposit feaces over 40 times a day and if you have a small population of mice then you could be in the upper hundreds of droppings - this becomes a hazard to human health as mice can carry the salmonella bacteria. 
Food premises are extremely vulnerable to infestations of mice and a problem like this can easily lead to a business being close down bu the Environmental Health Department. 
With rodents we practise a form of pest control known as Integrated Pest Management and this means that we look at not just poison or traps but what measures we can make to get your property physically secure using cement, concrete and wire mesh - "No More Mr Mice Guy" - that's what is says on our vans. 

Cockroach control in Marlow 

Cockroaches are usually thought of as a pest associated with restaurants and commercial premises but the habit of buying from cash and carry establishments and second hand appliances can all lead to a cockroach infestation in the tidiest of domestic properties. 
Cockroaches spread disease which is why for a commercial property they present such a big problem as you will be shut down if they are found inside the property. We offer a monitoring service for commercial customers where we provide regular repeat visits to guard against an infestation. 
Treated with a mixture of chemicals in the forms of liquid sprays and gel baits we can control over any cockroach infestation in Marlow quickly and efficiently; just give us a call. 
We deal with all pests and not just those listed on this page - for more information visit our website at, or, 
As we are a local company we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are a series of links that take you to our main website and covers in depth the pests that we treat. 
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