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Maidenhead Pest Control - Contracts for Commercial and Domestic clients 

We at Maidenhead Pest Control work alongside you to build you a tailor made pest control plan for your business; we immediately focus on the eradication of any current infestation, then we will set up a targeted pest control monitoring program to protect and warn against future infestation. The final step is to apply physical proofing to protect your business or property from further inward pest migration. This combined approach is known as an Integrated Pest Management Plan and widely accepted as the most effective way in which to safeguard any property from any pest infestation, we provide this service inclusive of the cost unlike other pest control companies that either just provide monitoring or treatments consisting of just laying poison. 
We believe our customers are our priority and only a complete pest control service will do, whether your requirement is cockroach extermination, rodent control, bird or pigeon proofing we will deliver to you a total pest management solution to solve your problem at a reasonable price.  
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We carry out pest control service contracts with insect monitoring and rodent monitoring programmes with regular visits to ensure your premises remain free from all pests. We are experts in the installation of bird proofing systems; such as netting and spiking to keep your premises free from roosting birds which in turn prevents unsightly staining and the issue of any health and safety issues from bird guano deposits. These contracts can be as flexible as you require for example: customers who have had a recent rodent infestation may want monthly monitoring for an initial three months followed by quarterly visits after that, we will work with you to deliver the best service you require. 
For all businesses in Maidenhead that need to have a pest control plan or have an existing pest infestation and require written procedures and documentation to satisfy the requirements of their local Council Environmental Health Department and the Food Safety Act, we will assist them in providing a safe system of work which promotes due diligence and complies with Health and Safety recommendations. 
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We have four popular set price packages which cover a wide range of customer requirements: 
Designed for retail kiosks, small retail outlets and small to medium non-food commercial premises where some form of pest control is required. 
Four visits from one of our technicians a year with monitoring and treatment of up to six bait stations. 
From £140 per annum which is invoiced at £35 a quarter. 
This is our most popular package and is designed for restaurants, medium sized retail units and large commercial premises where pest control is required. 
Six visits a year are included with up to eight bait stations monitored by one of our technicians; there is a 25% reduction on any pest treatment which does not fall under the monitoring programme. 
From £200 per annum which is invoiced at £50 a quarter. 
This package is aimed at hotels, restaurants, large commercial premises and sites that are spread over a range of buildings like schools, garden centres and livery stables; this package includes monthly monitoring visits by one of our technicians and up to twelve bait stations. One free pest treatment is included in this package with 25% of any further treatments. 
From £400 per annum which is invoiced at £100 per quarter. 
The top package which is aimed at hotels and the hospitality sector, large warehouse facilities and sites that cover a large area and maybe sensitive to pest infestation. Our technicians will carry out monthly monitoring checks of an unlimited amount of bait stations and two separate one off treatments are included in this package and 20% of any bird proofing installations. 
From £800 per annum which is invoiced at £200 per quarter. 
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