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What does the term Integrated Pest Management mean for me? 
Whether the pest you have infesting your home or business, it creates a great deal of concern, pests damage foodstuffs and business stock, they will even effects a companies reputation and ultimately if not correctly dealt with, will cause a business to close. As a initial action, the use of poison bait boxes and quick kill traps and even any culling operations will in fact, only give the property owners a brief respite from further pest invasion. 
Unlike other pest control companies, Maidenhead Pest Control uses the principals of Integrated Pest Management as their standard form of pest control; we start with using traps to exterminate your pest problem. We provide advice on pest prevention and finally we conclude our pest control treatment by carrying out proofing works to secure your property against future inward pest infestation, all of which is included in our initial pest control price, which are often lower than our competitors. 
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Can you also provide long term pest management? 
We can carry out service contracts with insect and rodent monitoring programs with regular visits to ensure your premises remain free from all pests. We are also experts in installing bird proofing systems; netting and spiking to keep your premises free from roosting birds preventing unsightly staining and any health and safety issues from bird guano deposits. 
How long will it take to carryout a pest control treatment? 
The answer to that question depends on the type of pests' that you have, we always begin total pest control with a initial survey by attempting to gain access to all of the property; the loft, basement, under areas like the kitchen units and all the exterior walls to understand how these pests are invading your property and how they are moving around. This survey can take in excess of an hour for our technician as rodents will come into a property at many different levels and access points. 
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Residential Pest Control
During the survey particular attention is giving to the properties drains which allow rats and mice into storerooms and basements, pipe ducts are also a easy way for rats and mice to gain access into buildings. Damaged airbricks are another route for rats and mice to gain access under the floors of houses and into the cavity wall. Redundant utility pipe holes that breach walls also allow rats, mice and insects into a kitchen, any gaps or breaks in the exterior brickwork will allow these pests to get into the cavity wall and from there even into the loft. Damaged soffits and fascia boards including broken roof tiles often allow squirrels and birds into the loft where birds will start to nest. 
How big an opening does a mouse or a rat need to get into a building? 
Rats and mice are experts at invading properties; if you stretch open your hand, your little finger tip is the size a mouse needs to slip through to gain access to your building. Look at the exterior doors and lower door frames and you may see damage which is indicative of rodent activity where rats and mice are gnawing at the woodwork. Now look back at your hand, the first knuckle of your thumb is the size of gap that rats need for access, rat in the kitchen? Look for holes where old pipes have been fitted. 
Can a mouse really squeeze through a hole the size of my little finger? 
As a general rule of thumb (no pun intended) if a rat or mouse can get its head into a gap then it can wiggle its body through and then take up residence with you. If your pest control company do not complete a full survey and fill these small gaps then rats, mice and even squirrels will gain access again meaning another call out to a pest controller in the future. 
Maidenhead Pest Control covers Maidenhead, Ascot, Windsor and all areas of Berkshire, South Oxfordshire and North Hampshire and we believe that our customers are our responsibility and you deserve to see that the job is done properly. We look for all these gaps and fill them with wire mesh and quick setting cement to keep your home or business pest free. We also provide further proofing measures which look to the larger size holes such as repairing damaged soffits and fascias, filing in large gaps in brickwork and repairing drainage pits, relocating drain covers and fitting one way drain flow valves to leave your property not only pest free but secure from future pest problems. 
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