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Professional Rat and Mouse Control in Wokingham 

When you choose Maidenhead Pest Control to sort out your pest problem you get a local family run business that  
doesn't resort to the use of rodenticide for your rat, mouse or squirrel infestation immediately - we like to trap the animals and determine the access point, we do that so we can determine how the infestation occurred and resolve this so you're left pest free for good. 
There is little point in pest controllers baiting rodents withouattempting to find out the source of the infestation, in the short term you will get rid of the problem but it will return and as we are seeing rising numbers of rats in Wokingham then its just a short cut to no-where. 
At Maidenhead Pest Control our approach to all rodent treatments is to first, investigate theproperty; if your building is part of a larger one like a semi-detached house, then no amount of poison will ever stop the rats if the entry point is on the adjoining part of the property. 
We often see that there is a fault in the drainage system allowing the rats into the property unseen, so again, with the aim of delivering the best possible service we will carryout a CCTV survey of your system as part of our investigation into your infestation. 
Two rats

Wasp nest removal in Wokingham 

We aim to deliver the best possible pest control service possible, and insect treatments like those for wasps and hornets we give you a guarantee that we will come back if the nest doesn’t die off with no extra charge. 
At your property we will also treat any other nests we find at the same time, often there is a bigger nest and this is the one noticed, somewhere else there will be a smaller nest which you don't know about ... yet. The larger colony is eating both the insect prey for the smaller nest but also some of their drones and when the larger nest is destroyed then the remaining wasp nest rapidly grows meaning that you would have to call out for yet another wasp removal treatment. 

Mole catching in the Wokingham area 

Some pest control companies will charge up front for a mole catching service, not us, here at Maidenhead Pest Control we work on the basis of no catch means no fee, we only charge on success. 
If the ground the mole is working on does not contain enough insect life it will move off to another area where food is plentiful, usually after a mole catcher has laid traps. It's rare but you do see moles turn up in a lawn and within a few days leave that area, meaning that a call for mole catching has been unnecessary.  
We also know of larger pest control companies that offer a mole catching service but can’t actually catch the moles (remember you’ve paid up front?), with us it only seems fair - if we don’t catch your moles then you don’t get billed its as simple and honest as that. 

Pigeon control in Wokingham 

Pigeons are under pressure to find good roosts either on buildings, in underground car parking areas and beneath solar panels. When pigeons move into a place they quickly leave it covered in a thick covering of bird poo called guano and this is something that we often get called out to clean up. 
We use nets, spikes, optical gels and wire mesh to keep pigeons off buildings and from getting beneath slaor panel systems on roofs, birds will rapidly take over an area meaning any attempt to shoo them off will fail - good strong physical proofing is the best method. 
As well as making a mess and a lot of noise there is a health and safety aspect to dealing with pigeon infestations: if you have a workforce then you are required to make their place of work a safe place. If the public have access to the area, slippery build up's of bird poo could lead to an accident and a injury claim against you. 
Bed bug treatments Wokingham 
Increasing overseas travel brings more people into contact with bed bugs, and its not just in the bed where you’re likely to pick them up but also on the flight out! Bed bugs are great hitchhiker's and as they can survive for over six months without food, then any form of transport can harbour bed bugs. 
We offer two bed bug treatments; the first is a system using chemicals, localised heat in the form of high temperature steam followed by a second application of chemicals, the second relies purely on heat. Bed bugs have a thermal death point or the temperature which they cannot survive above of 45 degrees centigrade (a bit higher for the eggs), we raise the entire room temperature to 60 degrees centigrade killing every insect inside. 
Bed bug
At Maidenhead Pest Control we believe that there is only one way to deliver effective pest control and that is one based on excellence. We strive to provide the best levels of service that we can, after all, we want to give you the type of pest control service that we’d want. 
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