Maidenhead Pest Control - professional moth control throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor. 

Maidenhead Pest Control for total control of moths.   Carpet and clothes moths can be a problem throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor as they cause damage to clothing and carpets. 

Why do we have such a problem with clothes moths in Maidenhead? 
The moths that we think of as clothes moths or carpets moths are really y Mother Natures clean-up crew, when an animal dies all manner of other animals and insects use the body for food; this is the cycle of life.  
What's generally left behind will be some sinew and some fur and this is what the moths now eat. They feast on the body parts that other animals and insects don't eat, without the moths our countryside would be littered with piles of fur. 
We have white papery cocoons on the carpets, are these from carpet moths? 
The moths usually spin a cocoon out of a type of silk which has a white papery look to it, you will find these in dark places as unlike the usual moths that we see which are attracted to the light, these moths prefer dark places.  
Look under items of furniture, inside cupboards and under beds. 

Maidenhead Pest Control for clothes moth eradication  

Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we use a chemical spray to treat the affected surfaces with a long lasting insecticide, we will also give you pheromone traps to catch any larvae that maybe pupating into adult moths. 
We have two different species of moths that eat textiles which we consider a pest: these are the webbing or common clothes moth and the case-bearing clothes moth. 
Both of these moths don’t actually eat your clothing or carpets it’s their larvae that do the actual damage and for food manufacturers, there are several more species of moths that pose a problem. 
House moths, flour moths and Indian meal moths all pose as pests in the food industry as their webbing, larvae and feaces all contaminate food; these are referred to as Stored Product Insects. 
Whatever moth problem that you may have – we have the solution to it. 
Clothes moths 
SPI Moths 
Clothes moths will attack any protein based fabric: wool, silk and fur will all be affected by an infestation. You will need to treat your clothing and come up with a storage solution for the future. Wool insulation is now widespread and if you have a moth infestation which does not appear to be on the carpets of your clothing then look at the insulation. Dead animals in the loft and old birds nests are all sources of an infestation and the loft of a property is a good place to look. 

Total moth control from Maidenhead Pest Control 

Call Maidenhead Pest Control for a professional solution to your moth problem. 
Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have a moth infestation . 
To let us solve your pest problem, call us today on 01628 30 20 48.  
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