Pigeon guano cleaning in Maidenhead, Slough and Windsor 

Anyone who has the misfortune to have a flock of pigeons on their property will agree that these birds create a great deal of disturbance with their noise and that they make a lot of mess; old nesting material in the form of twigs and rubbish, empty eggshells along with occasional dead bird and droppings, loads and loads of droppings. 
These birds can be moved of your property after bird deterrents are installed and you could be forgiven for thinking that the jobs all done, your pigeon free and that’s the end of the matter. However, you are still left with the mess and debris that’s been left behind and this is where we can help. 
Not only do we provide the installation of the bird deterrents, but we can also assist in helping to clear away all of the left behind waste material and sanitise the area, returning the building back to you, in an hygienic ands safe way so that you can carry on with your business or homelife. 

Guano clearance in Maidenhead, Windsor and throughout Berkshire 

Feral pigeons are scavengers who will eat just about anything that they can get their beaks on and with a flock of these birds on your property this will add up to a great deal of waste material. Each bird deposits around a kilogram of guano over the course of a month, and like any animal faeces the waste itself contains harmful bacteria and viruses. When the guano is fresh and moist the semi-solid mass contains a multitude of insect life, ranging from intestinal worms to carrion beetles and this wet mass gives off a truly unpleasant smell. 
As the guano ages and dries contact with the guano raises a lot of dust which in itself can pose serious health implications when left untreated. When cleaning up after a pigeon infestation, it’s important that we deal with the guano and any waste removal correctly and in a manner which takes into account the health and safety of all personnel on site. 
Pigeon guano is a home for some really hazardous viruses, bacteria and even some fungus, it’s not just the bird guano that’s poses a risk as more dust can be released from piles of discarded feathers and bird carcases which elevates the level of risk. 
Pigeon guano
Pigeon with eggs
contaminated rubbish

Hazards from pigeon guano 

All the different bacteria, viruses and fungi living in the nutrient rich mass left behind after a pigeon infestation can transmit any of the 60 known diseases associated with these birds, an example of some of these are: 


This is a fungus that grows in fresh guano, as the bird droppings dries out, the fungus gives off spores that rise into the atmosphere giving rise to a serious lung condition called Histoplasmosis. Symptoms include a fever, cough and the feeling of fatigue whilst some people can go on to develop a severe reaction. 


This is another type of fungus which is a yeast that lives in the fresh bird droppings, and it can affect the skin leaving a nasty rash, it also affects the respiratory tract and the intestines. This type of yeast is common in all animals and bird faeces and goes by the common name thrush. 


Probably the most well known bacteria that we associate with poor hygiene and bad food, salmonella is a serious threat to health and can prove fatal for those with lowered immunity. Having a flock of pigeons in a property is a major risk to health. 


Another yeast that comes directly from the birds intestines and a potentially dangerous organism, known as Crypto for short, released fungal spores become airborne, infecting our brains causing a form of meningitis which can be potentially fatal. 


A bacteria commonly found lying in the soil, E.Coli comes from animal droppings and causes vomiting and in between 5 and 10% of cases; it goes onto inflict kidney failure. Once again, the problems associated with a flock of pigeons should never be underestimated. 


This is a serious wound infection caused by the introduction of bacteria from the birds droppings into a cut or minor wound; streptococci pyogenes causes a fiery red rash which is hot and painful to touch. Fever, headaches and vomiting all can accompany the rash. 
pigeon guano
pigeon mess in a loft
dirty building

    Safe and effective guano clearance 

Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we are licensed waste carriers, and all pigeon guano is treated with powerful bioicides to kill off these harmful bacteria and viruses; once treated we can double bag this material and remove to a waste transfer site.  
The removal of treated guano is subject to guidance taken from the Environment Agency and it has the classification code 20.01.99; guano is listed as ‘offensive waste’ that is non-infectious but is unpleasant to anyone who comes into contact with it. To us, its just another day at work and part of our pigeon control service. 
If you need the services of a professional company to deliver pigeon and bird proofing and guano clearance, we offer free site surveys and no obligation quotes. We work to the highest standards in both service delivery and safety to ensure that the job is done and done correctly. 

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