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Squirrels are really cute why are they considered to be a pest? 
The North American Grey Squirrel was introduced to the UK back in the 19th Century by the Duke of Bedford at Woburn who thought of it as a "likeable, easily tamed and attractive animal". As likeable as they are with their cheeky character, the grey squirrels is a costly nuisance for businesses and householders throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor causing thousands of pounds of damage. The grey squirrel is a non-native species, classed as vermin and not protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, unlike their native cousin the Eurasian red squirrel. 
The North American grey squirrel has two separate breeding seasons each year and they can easily live for up to nine years in the wild, grey squirrels cause damage to trees by bark stripping and they will eat fruit from gardens and allotments. As omnivores grey squirrels and predators in their own right they will predate on birds taking eggs and chicks from the nest causing the destruction of many of our songbirds. 

We have squirrels in the loft, what damage can they cause to my home? 

Squirrels are rodents like rats and mice and their incisors continue to grow, when they gain access to domestic buildings they will gnaw through woodwork and even live electrical cables with the subsequent risk of fire or failure of electrical appliances to file their teeth down. If grey squirrels get into the loft of a house they will tear up loft and wall insulation to nest or dray up in and gnaw the actual fabric of the building like plasterboard and fibreboard sheeting. Squirrels gnaw through boxes and other stored items in the loft space, leading to financial loss of stock and the loss of treasured belongings, as well as the gnawing, squirrels are noisy and their activity inside houses causes concern to the residents and can frighten children leading to disturbed sleep patterns. 

Maidenhead Pest Control - we help you with your squirrel problem. 

Maidenhead Pest Control are experts in the field of squirrel proofing and trapping and provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have an infestation. The most effective form of control of a squirrel infestation within buildings is trapping with humane break back traps, which we follow up with carrying out physical proofing your property to prevent future access for squirrels. All our technicians are trained and certified to provide the best quality pest control solution. 
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