Maidenhead Pest Control - professional ant control throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor. 

Maidenhead Pest Control for total control of ants. Ants become a problem throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor throughout the summer. 

Why are we over run with ants? 
Ants love warm dry weather and with warmer winters and hotter summers we have seen a rise in ant infestations over the last few years, coupled with that we now have ants from southern Europe happily living in the south of England and I would expect that if climate change warms the environment then it will only get worse. 
I live in a flat and we have these tiny ants, what are they? 
There is a species of ant found across the UK that heralds from north Africa - the Pharaoh ant and this has become a real problem for pest controllers, these ants have the ability for a small group of workers to take some fertilised egg's and bud off from the main colony when they become stressed. This usually occurs when someone tries to eradicate the ants with over the counter treatments - Pharaoh ants require a specialist poison which is only available for professional use. 

Maidenhead Pest Control for ant control  

Ants can be found throughout the summer months and although in themselves a nuisense they can spread harmful bacteria as they travel through our homes and businesses. Some ants like the Pharoah ants can bite and children will be distrubed if they have invaded bedding. 
We use a mixture of pesticides to deal with ants from powders to gels and bait stations which we leave with the customer. 

Total ant control from Maidenhead Pest Control 

Call Maidenhead Pest Control for a professional solution to your ant problem. 
Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have a ant infestation.  
To let us solve your pest problem, call us today on 01628 30 20 48. We will attend to any call out within 24 hours of receiving the telephone call with qualified and fully insured technicians for your peace of mind. 
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