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Ant control in throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor We deal with all types of ants - brown ants and black garden ants and exotic species like: pharaoh ants, Argentine ants and ghost ants 

We have ants getting into the kitchen where do they come from? 
We have two native species; the brown ant and the black garden ant and these are the most commonly encountered when they invade our homes and workplaces during the summer months, the Queens will all emerge in one go and this often results in call outs for ant control in the middle to late summer months, but this activity is short lived and not a cause for concern. 
Are there other species of ants are there and where do they come from? 
We are seeing a demand for treatments with exotic species like the North African Pharaohs ants which have become a major pest associated with hospitals and large housing developments. Pharaohs ants contain multiple numbers of Queens meaning that when under stress, the worker ants will detach or 'bud' off to form a new colony, this ability to form new colonies means that a large area can quickly become infested and can be extremely difficult to control. 
Other exotic species of ants commonly found in the UK are: Ghost ants and Argentine ants. These will infest buildings which are kept at a warm stable temperature and their unique abilities help them become serious pests; Argentine ants do not attack other groups of the same species so they form mutual "super colonies" that can stretch for hundreds of miles. 
Yet another newcomer to the list are Asian ants which are known as fire ants due to their habit of infesting electrical junction boxes and they will chew through wiring insulation causing blackouts and even fires, when the ants are killed they release an 'alarm' pheromone which then attracts other ants to the site, where the large numbers of ants may cause a short circuit. Other ants that have a particular attraction to electricity are the South American raspberry crazy ant. 
Ants like many insects have the capability to travel easily in trade goods, suitcases of tourists and in the internal structures of ships and planes, Argentine ants are even able to squirm under the top of a screw top jar and work their way into the interior. Crazy ants, Big Headed ants and Rogers ants are all imported into the country and although they cannot survive outside when we have a harsh winter, the far South West of England does have the occasional outbreak. 
Are ants dangerous, do they bite or sting? 
Fire ants can pack a powerful sting, they are also a potential vector for disease as well as the general nuisance factor. 
Can I treat the ants with a shop bought ant powder? 
Some species need specialised tailored treatments, in the case of the Pharaoh ants the use of over the counter ant powder will make things worse as the workers will become stressed and bud off to form separate colonies. These ants have a unique way of manipulating the eggs to produce a new Queen instead of a worker; this means a small group with just a few eggs can form a new colony independent to their original.  
We have ants in our premises at work, should I be concerned? 
The obvious answer is yes as The Food Safety Act and the Food Hygiene Regulations state food preparation, storage or production businesses must comply with rules relating to pest infestation and ants can be a significant problem in these premises. 
Ant problems

Can we help you? 

Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have a ant infestation and we will provide detailed reporting systems to include COSHH assessments, monitoring reports, and hygiene, housekeeping and proofing recommendations. All our technicians are trained and certified to provide the best pest control solution. 
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