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Fly control in Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor 

Shoo fly don't bother me! 
Flies can be a serious threat to human health as they transmit diseases and bacteria. 
Houseflies can also transmit intestinal worms and they are potential carrier of diseases. 
Cluster Flies are a species of fly similar to house flies in size and these are classed as a public nuisance pest due to their habit of infesting lofts, cavities and similar environments in the autumnal months. 
Blow flies will feed frequently and indiscriminately on any moist food, including putrefying material, animal feces's and foodstuffs' stored for human consumption. 
Control methods should be directed against both the fly larvae and the adult flies. 
Good hygiene is essential for the control of flies as well as professional fly proofing and the use of electronic fly killer machines (EFK's) in your business premise. 
Fly screens and other proofing methods should be utilized to help proof against fly infestation. 
Electronic fly killers utilising UV light should be installed where appropriate within the building. 

Total fly control from Maidenhead Pest Control 

Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you have a fly infestation and we will advise you on the best course of treatment. We are adept at installing fly screens and fly killer machines and set your business up with a monitoring and control plan to provide you with effective control. We provide detailed reporting systems to include COSHH assessments, monitoring reports, and hygiene, housekeeping and risk assessments.  
Fly treatment from just £80 including survey 
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