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The Hornet Queen will emerge from hibernation in the spring with the onset of warmer weather. 
Hibernating hornets produce a natural form of glycerol which we know and use as an anti-freeze. 
Hornets are mainly forest dwellers and look for cavities in tree trunks; voids in sheds and roofs will also be used as a nest site. 
The hornet that we encounter across southern England and Wales is Vespa crabro – the European Hornet. 
Queen Hornets are around 35mm in size with the female drones around 25mm in length. 
Female drones foraging for insects and like to eat sweet tree sap. 
Hornets are attracted at night to bright lights like moths and come into houses during summer evenings when windows are open and the lights are on. 
Hornet venom contains 5% acetylcholine which is a chemical that stimulates our pain receptors far more than wasps or bee’s; this makes a hornet sting very painful. 
Hornet colonies are known as grists or hives and can number between 500 – 700 hornets 
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Because of their size hornets have a fearsome reputation, along with the loud buzzing sound they make they can be very intimidating. Despite this many people have never seen an actual hornet due to their nature and their habitat which is usually in dense woodland, if you do encounter a hornets’ nest there a couple of do’s and don’ts. 
Don’t stand in a position to block the hornets route to their nest otherwise you will be seen as a potential threat.  
Do move away calmly without running or waving your arms; keep calm as hornets are very docile and they're unlikely to become aggressive unless provoked.  
Don’t provoke hornets by attempting to destroy their nest yourself or throw things at it.  
Do try and live alongside these insects as they are rapidly declining across Europe; there is a popular misconception that they are giant wasps and as such likely to be really aggressive when in fact they are the opposite. 
If you feel that you need to tackle the hornets’ nest then use a professional pest control company; their reputation comes from the fact that they pack a really powerful punch of chemicals. Typically the hornets’ poison sac holds around 50mg of venom which is three times that of a wasp and the hornet can sting between 3 and 5 times in quick succession. 
Maidenhead Pest Control provides a same day call out service for wasps and hornets; our insecticides are harmless to mammals but interfere with the electrical processes of insects given a very efficient knock down on all insects in around 15 minutes; we guarantee all our treatments to give you peace of mind and assurance that your problem is dealt with. 
Please note as a responsible pest controller, we do not treat bees nests but will happily give advice on living alongside bees as we really need them! 
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