Professional Pest Control including CCTV drain surveys for rats 

Maidenhead Pest Control - CCTV Rat Surveys  

No hiding place for rats 
We find that most internal rat infestations occur because of a faulty drain, and we use CCTV drain cameras as a diagnostic tool to aid us to get rid of your rats fast! 
Our aim is to get you 100% rat free and not to use rodenticide as a ‘quick fix’, as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we use CCTV drain equipment as part of our day to day rat clearance operations. We don't make a charge for our CCTV surveys, they're part of the outstanding service we provide; our customers are our priority and we mean it. 

Do rats live in our drains?  

Oh yes they do and some areas can have extremely high rat populations in the drains, usually in the smaller diameter pipes like the ones that we find servicing domestic properties they use the drains merely as a way of moving around. We find that a high percentage of our internal rat work stems from a fault within the sewerage system at some point. 
What does a drain survey reveal and what does it cost? 
Firstly, if your system is shared between neighbours, you can ask the local water authority to come out and check the drains. This will be a free service, but they will only check the system that belongs to them and you may find that your part of the system is not covered by their inspection as it is private. Most drain companies can carry out a CCTV survey for you and these typically cost around a few hundred pounds. Alternatively, you can use Maidenhead Pest Control and the drain survey is free. 
I've had a drain survey done and the drains look fine 
This maybe the case and we look at every possible scenario, the most important question that I can think of is – “How are the rats getting in?” 
We do find that drainage engineers can miss things that we as pest controllers look for when it comes to rats in drains and so part of our investigation is the elimination of drains as an access point, or, the correct identification of the problem. We also use smoke machines as another diagnostic tool, filling the system with an artificial stain free smoke that can indicate where the fault lies. 
Have you got a problem with rats? We look further! 
Around 60% of our internal rat infestations are via a fault in the drainage system under the house and so we use cameras and smoke machines to get a view of the entire structure. 
Our style of pest control focuses on integrated pest management which is the detailed investigation of the building, elimination of the resident population using traps to physically remove the bodies and physical proofing to prevent a future re-occurrence. 
Our is aim is to get you 100% rat free for good. 

Why choose Maidenhead Pest Control for rat control in your home?  

All of our technicians are fully DBS checked as you’d expect. 
We have over 19 years’ experience in the pest control industry and are experts in rat control. 
Our technicians are fully trained and we are members of the National Pest Technicians Association. 
We are passionate about all pests and especially when it comes to controlling rats, as a family run company we are big enough to cope and small enough to care, our work ethic has seen us deliver training for Reading Borough Council staff and take on the pest management at Reading Football Club. 
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