Domestic Pest Control Services in Maidenhead 
Do you deliver pest control for private customers or just businesses? 
We cover all businesses and domestic customers for a variety of pests from simple one of treatments like dealing with a wasp nest to setting up a monitoring program for larger properties and estates. If you have a problem with birds roosting on your property we carryout netting on flat balconies and guano cleaning to give you back the outdoor space and we install mesh skirts around the bottom of solar panels to stop the pigeons from nesting underneath. 
Are there call outs charges for your service? 
Only if you require us to come out and identify something or give you advice, we work on set prices so we don't offer a three visits for one price service nor do we have "Special Offers". We aim to get to the bottom of your problem and so we work on one price for the entire treatment and its down to us to get it resolved. There are no add on's or hidden charges when you choose us to carryout your pest treatment. 
We want help to get rid of rats but we have dogs, do you use poison? 
We primarily use traps for all our rodent treatments - that's rats, mice and squirrels as we believe that the sole use of rodenticide is not an effective form of pest control. It doesn't stop the rodents getting in and ultimately it effects the wider environment. We do use rodenticide especially when we come across an infestation that has become too large or too long and urgent control is required. We are extra careful around dogs when using rodenticide. 
Do you provide a repeat service to keep us free from pests? 
We provide continuous pest monitoring for HMO’s, rented premises and when requested, large domestic properties throughout Maidenhead and Berkshire.  
All our pest control treatments are guaranteed and with every inspection or treatment we will advise landlords how to prevent a re-occurrence should the source of the infestation be beyond our scope of control. 
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