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Maidenhead Pest Control - Pest Control for Property Managers  

Why control pests on your property? 
Pests such as rats, mice and feral pigeons carry harmful bacteria and viruses; these have the potential to cause us serious health problems and their presence within a development must be subject to a risk assessment. Any risk assessment that highlights that pests are present will carry the solution of engaging with a pest professional to eradicate the problem and bring a level of normality back to the site. 
As these pests are always around, an infestation can occur at anytime and become deeply embedded before it comes to anyone’s notice, this is why routine pest monitoring is so important. This can be done in an cost effective manner and it has the potential to save you from having to deal with a serious pest problem with the associated complaints from the residents. 

Good Facilities Management and Pests  

Good facilities management engages four steps that deliver a safe and pest free environment and these are all covered when you choose Maidenhead Pest Control. 
Step 1 Regular pest monitoring 
The installation and regular checking of rat boxes or bait stations as we refer to them; these may have a non-toxic compound inside to reduce the effects of rodenticide in the environment but their function is the same whether they are stocked with poison or not. Our technicians check these boxes noting if the bait has been taken or partially eaten, they will also look for droppings in the boxes, many residential buildings have extensive planting and so field mice are often present. When we have non-toxic compounds in the boxes, we are looking for rat activity; we cannot use rodenticide on field mice and they are an important part of the eco-system. 
Step 2 Reduce access into and through buildings 
Rats and mice will look to get inside a building for warmth and any potential food that they can scavenge, buildings degrade through accidental damage and poor workmanship. A common problem in many flats that have dense planting around the base is that a ground floor flat has a new kitchen fitted. An unsealed redundant pipe hole quickly leads to a rat infestation which affects the top floor because the rats climb up the cavity wall to where its warmest – the roof space. Our technicians look for building defects that can be fixed immediately by us, pipe holes, gnawed open plastic air bricks and faulty brick work can quickly be repaired on one of our routine visits preventing an infestation before it happens. Likewise, larger remedial works like drain repairs and void proofing can be carried out with authorisation, we do this work to prevent pests from even getting a toehold in your buildings. 
Step 3 Wastewater management 
Rats are prevalent in the drains and we always look at the surface water systems and the foul water systems for defects; a broken manhole cover will allow rats out of the sewers and if this is within the boundary of one of your properties, this may explain why a site has a large problem with rats. Our monitoring looks at a wider scope than many other pest control companies, for example, we notify property managers when we find blocked drains. Overflowing drains that lead from residents kitchens are a major source of both food and water for rats, water is important for rats as these animals drink up to 50ml’s of water every day; mice will take moisture from the food that their eating but rats need a constant supply. 
Step 4 Effective waste control 
Rats and mice thrive where food is dropped or left lying around and bin storage compounds can be a great source of food for rodents, many of the larger scale residential sites can have problems either with overflowing bins or fly tipping, this is partially noticeable around Christmas time and afterwards. We have a waste carriers license, and we offer a service where we can collect waste from sites and take this to an approved centre and dispose of the material in the correct manner. 
Bin compound

Total Pest Control in Maidenhead 

One of the hardest challenges for property managers is the control and management of pests, internally with insect pests like moths, ants and cockroaches and externally with rodents and pigeons. Living in an environment that’s overrun with any pest is not acceptable, we work on a basis of integrated pests management (IPM) which differs from the traditional pest control offered by many companies. We are looking for the next potential infestation and not just dealing with the current one, our monitoring service looks at eliminating nest sites for both rodents and birds as well as excluding pests before they arrive. 
If this is something you’d like to know more about please get in touch and we can offer you an no obligation quote with an outline of the plan that we’d put together for your properties. 
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