Maidenhead Pest Control - professional pigeon control throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor. 

Maidenhead Pest Control for total control of birds and pigeons. These birds are a major problem throughout Maidenhead, Ascot and Windsor as they cause damage and spread disease. 

We have pigeons nesting on our building can you get rid of them? 
The answer is most definitely yes to that question; pigeons will live as a flock and once they find somewhere they like to use as a roost they become difficult to dislodge, here at Maidenhead Pest Control we install a variety of measure designed to prevent the birds from settling on your property.  
From netting to spikes and wire mesh we can get the birds off your property for good and we even offer a cleaning service, removing the guano, nesting material and any dead birds. 
We have solar panels on our roof, why are pigeons living underneath these? 
We should call pigeons rock doves as this is what they really are and they want to nest on sites that replicate their natural environment, solar panels are held in place by two rows of support bars and its these that the birds will build their nests on.  
With overhead protection from both the weather and predators its an ideal place for the birds and they have become a widespread problem. There are a wide degree of solutions for any pigeon problem not matter if they are under solar panels or living on a rooftop somewhere; click on the button to see a range of bird control measures that we can take. 

Maidenhead Pest Control - pigeon proofing for domestic and commercial properties 

Pigeons roosting in any town centre are a pest menace and they will quickly move onto an empty balcony, building a nest and making a general mess in a short space of time. 
To control pigeons in a humane way, we carryout a lot of bird proofing works in towns like Maidenhead, Windsor and Slough where we erect netting to void off an area, keeping the pigeons out and allowing you the use of outside spaces like balconies and rooftop terrace's. 
Once the area is secure the birds will not be able to return and they will move off to somewhere else, we also clean up the mess left behind. This work takes shape in the form of a simply flat balcony to a complex roof top installation over commercial air conditioning work. 
We also provide a cleaning service for building interiors where the birds have been nesting inside a property. 

Bird netting in Maidenhead 

We provide bird netting services all over the South East of England, a professionally fitted bird net will last in excess of ten years and is the ultimate deterrent in keeping pigeon's of your property. 
Bird netting

Guano cleaning services in Maidenhead 

As part of our pigeon control work we clean up the huge amount of mess left behind after the birds are moved on, we provide a service for small domestic properties to large commercial clients . 
pigeon poo in loft
Pigeons leave behind a corrosive guano that eats away at brick, stone and metal; this is unsightly and dangerous for people as the droppings become slippery. If you run a business you have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act to provide a clean and safe working environment, don't let pigeon fouling allow you to fall foul of the law. Pigeon control is a quick and efficient way to secure your premises against all types of birds. 

Total bird control from Maidenhead Pest Control 

Call Maidenhead Pest Control for a professional solution to your bird problem. 
At Maidenhead Pest Control we can give you a no obligation quote for bird proofing and we have carried out installations all over Berkshire and the south east of England
To let us solve your pest problem, call us today on 01628 30 20 48.  
We will attend to any call out within 24 hours of receiving the telephone call with qualified and fully insured technicians for your peace of mind. 
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