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Professional waste clearance in Maidenhead 

Its easy to find yourselves bogged down in redundant items and rubbish, you need time to sort things out, a spare pair of hands and someplace to put it all - and who's got all that? 
Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we provide a service taking away old rotten sheds and greenhouses that may have previously harboured rats right through to a full blown house clearance. 
We also clear out gardens, cutting back undergrowth and taking down climbing plants like ivy; these grow up the walls giving rodents and especially mice easy access to the warm loft - a major problem in the autumn and winter. 
An overgrown garden with a old shed that is never visited is a nice dry, quiet place for rats and they will breed out there all year long if there's a food source nearby, why put up with it? 
Businesses are often so busy with their daily grind the build up of unwanted useless items goes unnoticed - until they have a problem with rats that is. Old items, wooden pallets and broken display stands soon stock up and this all makes an ideal place for rats to live. 
The problem starts when either the rat population gets too large and staff and customers are faced with rats running about or if you run a food related business and the Environmental Health department come round for an inspection. 
All this material will be taken to a local recycling centre where we pay to tip the items so you can be assured that it has been correctly disposed of. 
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Rats and mice will explore any opportunity and if they find themselves an access point into a property they can be undetected for some time; lofts and old storage areas are often frequented by these rodents and over a short period of time these areas can become heavily contaminated with their feaces. 
Rodents also nest so they will tear up any stored items inside; loft insulation, papers and textiles are all items that we see destroyed by rats and mice. This material is full of their droppings and urine and poses a health hazard. 
Mice carry salmonella and rats carry another more dreadful disease called Weils Disease - we work on a daily basis with these risks so there is no-one better qualified than us to remove all this waste material for you. 
We wear suitable protective clothing, respiratory protection and eye protection and all the waste is bagged up for disposal. We carryout loft clearances, business clearance, house clearance and garden clearances all safely. 
For more information on the hazards associated with rats and mice visit the HSE site: 
Two rats
Pigeons quickly move into an empty area and make a lot of mess: feathers, droppings, nest material and dead birds all make up the birds roost site and this material is definitely a hazard. 
Their droppings known as guano builds up really quickly and forms a nutrient rich dense mat; this contains harmful bacteria, viruses from the birds and fungus. When dry the dust of this material is inhaled and causes severe respiratory illnesses. 
This material is that harmful it is classified as hazardous waste and although we can bag it up, removal and destruction is done through specialist companies that we contract in. 
For more information click on the HSE site for working with bird droppings: 
Pigeons on rubbish

Professional rat control in Maidenhead 

As pest controllers you would expect us to be experts in all aspects of pest control - we carryout rat, mice and squirrel control using a technique called IPM - Integrated Pest Management is based on not just putting down poison bit actively searching for the rodents entrance and bringing the infestation to a conclusion where that opening is sealed and there is no chance of getting the rodents back. If you want to find out more about our services click on this link to visit our webpage on rats. 

Waste Management across Maidenhead, Marlow and Henley 

When you choose us to manage your waste you can be sure that all materials are disposed off correctly; the Waste Regulations 2011 mean that we keep all documentation relating to the collection and transfer of waste for inspection - we are happy to send you a copy for your records. 

Professional waste removal in Maidenhead 

We carryout waste management as part of our pest control service - often waste is produced through infestation and something that we are experts in.  
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