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Why are pigeons such a pest in Maidenhead and can they be controlled? 

Maidenhead like many towns suffers from a high population of pigeons so providing bird control as a pest prevention measure is becoming more of an priority for businesses and residential properties. 
Pigeons were introduced by to the UK by the Normans and unlike many birds have a vastly different way of rearing their young; young pigeons are known as squabs and these stay in the nest far longer than other species which means they have a lower mortality rate than other species.  
Adult pigeons feed the squabs with a milky substance that they produce in their crop which means that they can feed on anything and still rear the juveniles all year round. This effectively means that they have no breeding season and will raise their young wherever they have a food source and a safe place to roost. 
Seagulls are now becoming a common sight living in inland towns and there is speculation on whether modern fishing practises and global warming are behind this; seagulls quickly become a serious and sometimes dangerous pest as they are especially aggressive when they have their eggs or chicks nearby. 
Maidenhead Pest Control believes that when delivering quality bird control solutions, the success of the applied treatment depends on flexibility and a reliable service where the bird control measures are tailored to the client’s needs, our pigeon and seagull proofing service provides a professional, cost effective physical deterrent against all types of perching bird species. 

What types of treatment can you provide me for bird control? 

Galvanised wire mesh 
Permanent physical protection from nesting birds for void areas; more robust than traditional netting and used specifically to deter all species from nesting under PV solar panels. 
Nylon netting 
Nylon netting systems are extremely cost effective at preventing all species of birds from access, roosting and perching inside buildings and around buildings in areas around services and trunking. 
Stainless Steel Bird spikes 
One of the most common types of bird control systems in use, we always use stainless steel spikes which are very effective at making it difficult for pigeons to land and roost on a structure
Bird Post and Wire 
A very discrete anti-perch system consisting on a spring tension-ed stainless steel wire attached to metal posts that run along beams and flat surfaces like ledges, very effective on long runs. 
Optical Gel - Fire Gel 
All bird species see in the ultraviolet spectrum and this "fire gel" works by mimicking fire, altering the birds behaviour and preventing them from landing. Non-toxic. 
Cage Trapping / Airgun Cull 
As a cost effective approach for large problem areas like commercial garages and storage areas we can provide a low cost monitoring program of regular inspections and shoots tailored to the customer requirements. We can use live catch cages to assist in removing resident flocks when culling. 

Birds have made a mess in part of one of our buildings, what can be done to make it safe? 

As well as providing physical deterrents to stop pigeons from roosting on buildings we also provide health and safety clean-up services, removing guano, bird carcasses and nesting material from void areas, roofs and buildings where birds have been nesting.  
Birds not only have a large number of blood sucking parasites that inhabit their roosts and nests and when the birds leave these can start feeding from humans and pets left in the property. 

The ultimate bird deterrent - bird netting 

Bird netting is the best form of detering pigeons and other birds from landing and roosting on an area - check out our bird netting page: 

Could we leave the mess, after all it will wash away in time? 

If you have any Health and Safety responsibilities the answer is no: bird droppings or guano are a serious slip hazard and if left the acidic properties degrade stonework, brick and metal causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Elsewhere nests and guano can block chimney flues and rainwater systems leading to environmental problems like damp and flooding with rainwater entering buildings damaging stock and causing disruption. We are fully experienced at removing this waste matter and provide a full clean-up service leaving your business premise or residential property clean and safe. 

Gunao cleaning services in Maidenhead 

We offer a bird gunao cleaning services for all customers in Miadenhead and throughout Berkshire and the South East - check out our guano cleaning page: 
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