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Bed bugs must be everyone's worst fear - both for those individuals with the problem and for those in the hospitality industry who face the backlash and reputational damage from having an infested property. Bed bugs are one of those problems that if done incorrectly can be made much worse, the use of the wrong chemicals or rather the sole use of chemicals can actually spread these insects from the single infested room into the adjoining one's and even further through the property. 
When it comes to bed bugs we always ask to treat the adjoining rooms to protect against the phenomenon known as flushing; this is where a chemical has been applied to the surfaces that the bugs are walking over and they simple flee the area to escape. Without taking the bed apart and applying the chemical to all of the frame, mattress and headboard you will not have a 100% coverage, the bugs will simple flee those treated areas to new un-treated ground or either become torpid, resting in part of the bed waiting for the chemicals to break down. 

Total Bed Bug Control in Windsor and Eton. 

Are bed bugs resistant to pesticides? 
Yes, bed bugs are becoming resistant and much more difficult to treat; we combat this through a variety of chemicals and application methods - we also ALWAYS use heat in some form as part of our treatment. Either localised heat in the form of high temperature steam or by heating up the entire room to 60 degrees centigrade with portable electric heaters. 
Heat kills bedbugs and that's a fact, above 45 degrees C they and their egg's die. 
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Bed Bug Control in Windsor and Eton. 

Why are bed bugs such a problem in Windsor? 
The answer to that is probably tourism and travel - how we move about and the fact that people travel more widely than ever before and all this exposes us to new strains of insects like bed bugs that travel home with us. 
Bed bugs are natures top hitchhikers as they have a claw like appendage on the bottom of their legs and they use this to cling on to us; buses, trains and planes all have infestations of bed bugs - its not just beds! 
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Signs of a bed bug infestation in Windsor and Eton  

Bed bugs can't hide away that well, they always leave tell tale signs behind them; and if you know what you're looking for then you can read these signs and so avoid getting bitten - 
Be on the look out for small black dots in places like the wooden parts of a bed, in gaps between wallpaper and around spaces where walls meet electrical sockets - these are harbourage areas where the bugs live. The spots are blood that they have defecated as they don not need the liquid compound of our blood. 
Bed bugs have an unpleasant musty smell and this is noticeable where they congregate together, it is a cross between rotting fruit and a damp musty towel. 
Bed bugs are insects that develop by shedding their skins as they grow in a process called moulting, and these are discarded, look for the empty exoskeletons along skirting boards and lying on parts of the bed frame. 
Bed bugs stick their eggs around the harbourage areas - these are white glossy oblongs objects and show up especially well on dark surfaces like the black webbing commonly used on the rear of headboards. 
Bed bugs

Professional bed bug control in Windsor and Eton 

If we have bed bugs what does that mean for my business? 
Having bed bugs means that you should close the affected rooms until the infestation is under control. 
Having guests complaining of getting bitten by bed bugs is bad enough, imagine how bad it will be when they get home and have to pay out for a treatment to eradicate them? 
We often see this and it can be detrimental to your business reputation if this comes out on review sites, we can offer you a professional eradication service using a combination of heat and chemicals to ensure control. 
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Total bed bug control from Maidenhead Pest Control for Windsor and Eton 

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