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Why are pigeons such a pest in Slough and Windsor? 

Feral pigeon numbers are very high in Slough and Windsor and due to a rising population, the birds are under extreme pressure to find suitable free breeding sites, this means that pigeons will quickly move in and take advantage of any potential site that becomes available.  
Once a pigeon flock moves in they can be difficult to dislodge from the area as they are comfortable living alongside us and because feral pigeons breed all through the year, the population is gradually rising higher and higher. 
The pigeon populations growth is uncontrolled and this exacerbates the problem because there is now more competition for space in towns like Slough and Windsor. Suddenly previously untouched buildings will develop a pigeon problem literally overnight and these birds carry all manner of diseases, so they are a serious pest.  
A resident flock of pigeons in a workplace means that health and safety regulations may be quickly breached whilst in a domestic setting, a roosting flock of birds poses a health hazard for the human occupants. 
The correct bird deterrent will remove the birds away from your premises without harming the birds and this is important as pigeons carry harmful organisms as well as depositing large amounts of guano that are a rich breeding ground for some nasty strains of bacteria, harmful viruses, and toxic fungus. 

What types of treatment can you provide me for bird control? 

Pigeons are nesting on buildings all over the Slough and Windsor area and they leave a lot of mess behind themselves, getting the birds to move away from a building is just one part of the pigeon control service that we provide. We also offer a cleaning service to remove all bird fouling, guano and debris for homes and businesses across the region. Whether its inside a domestic loft cleaning out old nests and guano because the birds have nested inside the roof or attaching a nets system to cover roof top industrial air conditioning plant, we also offer to clean up the mess left behind. 
Pigeon guano builds up at an alarming rate of almost one kilo per bird each month, so even a small flock can leave several kilograms of waste in a short space of time. Pigeon guano is a major problem, for one its very nutrient rich and forms a dense mass, when it dries out you can be faced with toxic fungal spores being released and if it stays wet, harmful bacteria and viruses will thrive in the mess. Secondly pigeon guano is highly acidic and when it lands on a surface its starts to erode that material and this applies to stone, concrete, metal, paintwork and even wood. 
Another problem with a roof top pigeon infestation is that you will find that the gutter system is full of guano and this blocks the downpipes leading to overflowing rainwater systems and potentially issues with water ingress after heavy rain

Professional pigeon control in Slough and Windsor 

When feral pigeons move into an area for the first time, we call this light pressure and although the birds are perching and resting during the day, there is no overnight roosting or nesting going on. In this situation bird spikes, bird coil and visual deterrents will work to keep the birds off your property. 
All birds need to keep their feathers in top shape so when they land on a ledge or the railing of a balcony as long as they don’t rub up against a surface they will happily rest there, by installing spikes you force the birds to brush up against an object and this will deter them from coming back. If the ledge is narrow or you use a thick enough belt of spikes you can prevent the birds from actually landing. 
Another form of light pressure control is a post and rail system where metal pins are drilled into the building and a tensioned wire is strung from pin to pin forming a wire fence that works the same way as spiking but is visually better so works well on the front faces of older buildings. 

Local pigeon control near me 

After light pressure we have medium pressure and this is where the birds are spending longer during the day and starting to roost overnight, these birds are extremely intelligent and unafraid of man so visual deterrents will not work in this environment. Some form of solid, physical deterrent is required; at this point if the birds are likely to start nesting spiking may not work if its now applied as the form of control. 
Feral pigeons build their nest from twigs and rubbish, to keep all this material together they bind it with their droppings. When bird spikes are incorrectly used they drop the nest material into the open crown of spikes, building up a platform which they will then nest on. The answer to this is the installation of bird nets which are the most effective form of bird deterrent. 

High quality bird netting solutions for Slough and Windsor 

High pressure is the term given to when a flock is in situ, the only form of deterrent that will work in this situation are solid physical deterrents like bird netting for buildings and steel mesh for solar panel systems. 
Bird netting is a fantastic solution to bird control, we use steel wire to build a frame or even a series of frames and we can use metal supports to create the required shape, this wire is pulled taught and the net is fixed to it. Bird nets are made from UV stabilised polypropylene and last for over ten years when correctly fitted. They come in a range of colours and mesh sizes and we use these on both domestic properties and commercial ones all over the south east of England. 
Bird netting is extremely versatile and we use this both horizontally and vertically and as we can combine nets together we can void off just about any size area. 

Have pigeons left you with a mess to clean up? We can help. 

When you install the correct bird deterrent your pigeon problems should be over, we prevent the birds from any further roosting or nesting on the building, and once the birds have gone, you are just left with the mess that the birds leave behind. We provide a post infestation clearing up service and that's something that we do on behalf of all our customers. 
We have years of experience in working in these hazardous conditions and we take our health and safety very seriously, we can ensure that all the guano and bird waste is removed from your property. The area is thoroughly cleaned and biocided to kill off any lingering bacteria or viruses and we can even take away contaminated loft insulation, stored items, and even rotten wooden decking from balconies. 
We find that many residential balconies are surfaced with decking, if the birds have been nesting on top, the boards will be ruined and if they were underneath, there will be inches of waste along with dead birds and old nest material which rots the supporting joists. We will remove this material and we can pull up the supporting frame along with the ruined decking and re-lay a completely new deck for you; this is a common occurrence on modern flats. 
As licensed waste carriers all our waste material is taken to an approved waste transfer station and we pay to dispose of it, records and receipts are kept and we can furnish you with a copy should you require it 
If you have a pigeon problem in the Slough or Windsor area then we can help by offering the correct solution, as a local family run pest control firm, we deliver a personal service at a cost effective rate for customers throughout the area. We have years of experience and we are fully trained in pest control, we hold qualifications so we can hire and use hydraulic access equipment and no job is too small or too large. 

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