We were asked to provide a second opinion on a rat infestation within a commercial property in Reading, on arrival we found a dead rat in the kitchen that was smelling strongly and immediately identified that the access point was via the kitchens - there was a large hole in the ground outside so not a hard judgment. 
The hole we identified was in direct line with the manhole drain inspection pit and one of the kitchen sinks visible through the ground floor windows - this is a collapsed drain without doubt! 
No matter what we always carryout a full 360* survey of a property and we found another break at the back of the property and an area where the rats were living beneath bushes. 
Rats prefer to live underground if the earth stays dry: cool in summer and warm in winter and usually easy access to food and water - the bins were a few metres away. 
Our approach at this property will be to burrow bait the rat runs and start a rolling process of sealing up the faults in the exterior walls of which there are several. 
Once we've got the rat population exterminated, we will finally move to seal up everything, meaning that there is absolutely no chance of future inward access. 
Its the same process for the drains: this part of the system is actually redundant so we have capped it off from the inspection pit. 
Broken drain
We operate to the highest standards in the industry and as we practise integrated pest management, we get rid of your rat problems for once and for all. This was a major success for us, not only have we solved the issue for this customer they are a large property owner in Reading and we will now be supplying pest control services to all their sites. 
At Maidenhead Pest Control we treat you the customer as our priority - our mission is to find the access point, eradicate the species and deal with the fault at source. 
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