Rat in a drain
Older parts of Maidenhead and Windsor have ceramic and clay drainage pipes and through movement of the ground due to additional building works or in the case of this job, heavy road traffic the pipework can collapse allowing rats to dig out through the surrounding soil and enter the property via the route of the remaining pipes. 
This property in Windsor has had rats living under the floorboards for two years due to a broken sump. 
Broken drain
We don't reach for rodenticide when we are called out to an internal rat infestation, instead we reach for a host of equipment to allow us to carryout a comprehensive survey of the property and gain a better understanding of the problem. 
This is a broken winser sump at a Victorian terraced property in the heart of Windsor, the pipework is designed to act as a rat deterrent by forming a deep V shape that is supposed to stop rats from swimming up from the sewer. 
In this case the sump sits on the boundary of the property and has been affected by ground movement over the years eventually collapsing. Waste can still leave however this will cause subsidence if left unchecked and of course allow rats to enter. 
There was a drainage inspection pit to the rear of the property and so we immediately ran our drain camera along the line of the drain to eliminate this as a source of the infestation. We found another pit that was located outside the front of the property hidden under gravel and wheelie bins. 
A simple task to dig out the front pit and the damage was evident; extensive drain repairs are required but the rat problem will be over. 
The properties resident has had several pest control companies out over the years; all with a straight to poison approach to rat control. 
We NEVER take this route for internal rat infestations. 
Broken drain
Internal rat problems can only be resolved with finding out where the rats are getting in and then coming up with a plan for making good that defect. 
We survey, inspect, track and trap rats and mice to get you 100% vermin free and for you to stay that way for good. The sole use of rodenticide as a means of controlling rats and mice is a failure; it will always result in re-infestation and this is why we do what we do. 
Total rat control is our aim and we go the extra mile to get it. 
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