We always follow the tracks - whether you've got mice, squirrels or rats we'll let the animal do the work. If we don't have snow to give us tracks thats no problem as we'll create our own. Photos from a recent job in Maidenhead town centre. 
Another example how we use tracks to help us determine the access point for rodents; we use different colours for marking potential access points and in voids like lofts to show us the routes that the rats are using. 
Now that we know the animals travel routes (rats are creatures of habit and will follow the same trail) we'll set traps along this line and physically remove the rodents.  
There's no poison we us as we like to do pest control the right way; we'll determine the access point, trap the rats (or mice, squirrels and Glis glis) then proof up with cement, wire wool and wire mesh to keep you pest free. 
The alternative is to use poison; bought into your home, giving rise to dead and dying animals in the loft and within the building cavities.  
This will create a terrible stench as the animals rot and then bluebottles, leading to maggots and finally thousands of bluebottles as they pupate. 
Why would anyone do it this way? 
With Maidenhead Pest Control we treat your home as if it were ours and we believe in doing pest control the right way, it takes us longer but its more efficient and when done this way it means that you'll never have pest problems again. 
Our customers are our priority.  
Tracking dust showing rat foorprints
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