Its not all about eradication with us; this little chap was rescued and let loose. Another pest control company would have just set traps but with us it was his lucky day. 
We were called out to a report of mice in a house in Maidenhead, we are big on proofing with mice so the first job is to identify the access points and then seal these up. 
Whilst checking the house we discovered this little fella hiding in a kitchen cupboard, we chased him into a cardboard box and then took him outside to release. 
He sat there for a couple of minutes before running off into the hedge; his lucky day. Just a little wood mouse in the wrong place but at the right time. 
We don't use poison on mice as this leads to secondary poisoning of owls and other raptors; rodent infestations are always treated with a program of trapping with any use of poison as an absolute last resort. 
Whether its mice in Maidenhead, rats in Wargrave or squirrels in Bray we will provide you a service including all proofing to leave you pest free. 
Maidenhead Pest Control - our customers are our priority. 
Field mouse
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