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Who is Maidenhead Pest Control? 
Maidenhead Pest Control is a family run firm offering the highest standards in pest control across the region; we are a father, son and son-in-law team who go the extra mile to resolve your pest issue - when it comes to rodents: rats, mice and squirrels we do not use rodenticide as a first and only means of control. Our approach is more thorough than that and we look to track the animals route in, eradicating the animals through trapping and then sealing up their entrance. 
What pest control services do you carryout in Twyford? 
All pests are dealt with from the rodents one's through all the insects like wasps, cockroaches and bed bugs. We also carryout bird proofing and mole catching; as licensed waste carriers we also clean out and remove contaminated items like loft insulation and even carryout garden clearances where required. 
We aim to get you pest free and we have the solution to every problem. 

Rat control in Twyford 

Probably the most common pest that we deal with across the area; rats are on the increase and we have seen a big rise in numbers right across the UK. Our approach to rat control is based on the idea of Integrated Pest Management - not for us is poison the only way to control rats. 
We track the rats, after all, they maybe coming in from an adjoining property so we survey the entire 'building', once we know the route in we can look at a plan to seal up the entrance to keep you rat free for good. 
If we discover the rats are coming in via the drains we will carryout a CCTV survey to determine the truth - all part of the treatment. 
Our customers are our priority and we will do everything we can to resolve your rat problem. 

Squirrel catching in Twyford 

Again another common pest across the area; these are the north American grey squirrel and an introduced species with no predators to control their numbers. The grey squirrel population is rising and these animals become a serious pest when they gnaw their way into your home. 
They will find their way into the loft and start building a nest to live in, they have two breeding seasons every year so we commonly see squirrel active over the winter months and through the early summer. 
We do not poison squirrels; with a body that's much larger than rats a decaying squirrel in your loft is the last thing you want. We trap using approved humane traps and then seal up the access point to keep both squirrels and birds out of the loft. 

Mole catching in Twyford 

Few people will ever see a mole above ground and their subterranean lifestyle goes un-noticed until mole hills pop up in your lawn - seemingly overnight. Like all animals moles have a breeding season and these unsocial creatures move around a great deal in the spring when this is underway. 
The female mole will only tolerate her offspring in her territory for a short time: she drives these off in early to mid summer so we have two intense periods of mole activity often resulting in the sudden subterranean of those dreaded mole hills. 
We work with traditional mole traps that have changed very little in design over the centuries - we also work on a tradition practise of offering no catch, no fee. 
We don't charge up front for the service, instead we charge on proven results so you only pay when we catch your mole - notice I said when? 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Twyford 

Most people are familiar with wasps and hornets, these are a summer nuisance and a prolific pest. We guarantee our wasp and hornet treatments; the nest should die off within hours of treatment so if in the event that there is still activity after 24 hours we will happily return to re-treat it. 
Whats more, we will look to see if we can find any additional nests, treat those and then include these within that guarantee so all of your wasp problems have gone. 
No extra charge for those additional nests: when you choose Maidenhead Pest Control to get rid of your pest there's no sting in the tail. 

Pigeon control services in Twyford 

Twyford town centre has a pigeon problem and we have the solution: we carryout a lot of bird control work - from fixing spikes on ledges to installing nets to void off areas we can sort out your pigeon problem. 
We carryout cleaning removing the build up of pigeon feaces (guano) and any dead birds along with installing measures to stop the birds from nesting beneath solar panels on roofs. 
If you have a pigeon problem in Twyford give us a call as we are experts in all types of bird control working for both the commercial and domestic sectors. 

Bed bug treatments in Twyford 

The rise in bed bug infestations can be explained by our ability to travel further and more frequently; bed bugs are a taboo subject but you would be surprised how common these insects are. 
Rapidly becoming more difficult to treat our approach to successful bed bug control starts with the application of heat - these insects may be developing resistance to the toxins used in pesticides but they can't withstand high temperatures. 
We use 180 degree steam for localised infestations and portable heaters for entire room infestations, raising the room to 60 degrees. The heat treatment is backed up with a cocktail of chemicals and different application methods bringing about a successful treatment. Thoroughness is the key and we will take your bed apart to get into the bed bug hiding places. 
Sleep tight - afterwards the bed bugs won't bite. 

Mouse control in Twyford 

The most common type of mouse encountered in Twyford is the field mouse; literally there are thousands of these and with the ability to squeeze through a space the size of your little finger these rodents can become a major pest problem - and quickly. 
We don't use rodenticide on field mice; our approach is to seal up every gap that we can find, remove climbing plants from roofs and trap = lots of traps.  
Field mice are an important part of the food chain for raptors such as owls and kestrels - rodenticide should never be used on field mice. 

Cockroach control in Twyford 

Becoming common, cockroach infestations are on the rise - this can be explained through our reliance on 'just in time' stock delivery. Appliances and food stuffs are shipped and arrive in our homes and businesses within a couple of days - the female cockroach will lay her egg case in one of these and you have a complete infestation delivered to your door. 
The cockroach egg case called an ootheca contains around 30 to 35 young cockroaches so you can see how easily they can be transported; increased sales of second hand goods also helps transport cockroaches from infested buildings. 
We use a variety of chemicals and applications over a number of visits to eradicate a cockroach infestation: the presence of cockroaches can make you very ill so don't delay a professional treatment as over the counter products will not kill them off. 

Waste Clearance in Twyford 

We are licensed waste carriers and as part of our pest control service we can offer you a house and garden clearance service in Twyford. Having had a problem like a rat infestation often means that you are stuck with the aftermath: contaminated belongs or an overgrown garden that needs clearing to stop the rats from returning. We carryout rubbish removals and all our waste is taken to an approved centre for disposal, for business users we can produce waste management paperwork for your records. 
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As we are a local company we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are a series of links that take you to our main website and covers in depth the pests that we treat. 
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