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Local family run pest control company servicing Sonning and Wargrave and the surrounding areas 

Who is Maidenhead Pest Control? 
We are not a call centre who sends out a sub-contractor or a 'national' company masquerading as a local firm; we are a local family run business that is formed by Tony Smith, Liam Smith and Mike Cook. Being local we can offer a more personal service along with higher standards as word of mouth is so important at bringing in new business. 
What pest control services do you carryout in Sonning and Wargrave? 
We deal with just about all pests that you'd expect in this area: insects like flea's and ant's to bed bugs and cockroaches. We eradicate all the rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels and we're even licensed to control the edible dormouse or Glis glis as they are just north of the area. We carryout traditional mole trapping along with bird control work - spiking, installing netting and cleaning up guano (nice name for bird poo). 

Rat control in Sonning and Wargrave 

Both Sonning and Wargrave share the same aspects that make them ideal for rat infestations: older drainage, near the River Thames and in a rural location. 
There's no stopping rats in these areas but they can at least be well controlled and that's where we come in; we can provide regular low cost monitoring if your property is susceptible to rat problems.  
When rats are inside a property we use traps to catch them and not rodenticide to poison them. This prevents dead bodies from rotting away in hidden voids and we track their movements; the trapped rats will show us the entry point which we will seal up to stop them getting in - that's rat control! 

Squirrel catching in Sonning and Wargrave 

All our rodent treatments start with trapping and for squirrels its the only way we control them: it is legal to use rodenticide on squirrels but we prefer the more humane way and that's using approved traps.  
We will cull out the squirrels and then look to see where they were getting into the loft; this will be sealed as that way we've got you squirrel free and that's how we want you to stay. 
Squirrels are classed as vermin, as these animals are in fact an invasive species you cannot live catch and then release into the wild - the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 prohibits the release of non-native species to protect our native red squirrels, so humane trapping is the best way to deal with these animals. 

Mole catching in Sonning and Wargrave 

Mole catching goes right back to my first job as a farm hand in 1983; we use traditional traps for 'moleing' and we work on traditional lines - we don't charge up front for this service but on proven results.  
Its a case of no catch = no fee with us, as moles can pop up somewhere then leave the area just as quickly we feel that its only fair to invoice our customers on the results of our labours - did you know that a group of moles is called a labour of moles?  
It would be highly unusual to find a group of moles as they are generally a disagreeable bunch and do not get on with one another - if two moles meet they will fight, even to the death if one won't give way. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Sonning and Wargrave 

Wasps and hornets are around from late March right until the weather gets cold and that might be in December; wasps and hornets are both insectivores eating flying and crawling insects, living near a major watercourse like the River Thames you'll find a lot of insects and of course, wasps. 
We aim to provide a top quality service so when it comes to wasp and hornets treatments we guarantee these to be finished within 24 hours of treatment and we'll treat and guarantee ANY other nests that we find at the same time of the first initial treatment - its not uncommon to have more than one nest and we don't hike our prices - with us we've got it covered. 

Pigeon control services in Sonning and Wargrave 

Pigeons have become a problem no matter where you live; these are very intelligent birds and highly adaptable, learning new techniques for survival.  
One problem with pigeons which is relatively new is the fact that they will roost and nest underneath roof top solar panels. These panels make ideal shelters as they can perch on the metal support bars, its dry underneath and they are safe from predators.  
We carryout a lot of bird control work across the area, spiking and installing nets, void proofing beneath solar panels and cleaning up the mess they leave behind - when it comes to birds we don't get our feathers ruffled. 

Bed bug treatments in Sonning and Wargrave 

The demand for bed bug treatments is on the rise nationally; increased air travel brings us into contact with these insects - either in hotel beds or from the method of travel.  
Long distance transport systems like planes, trains and buses can all harbour an infestation of bed bugs and occasionally they will cling on with their claw like appendages and then you've got a problem closer to home, well, at home. 
We always use some form of heat in our bed bug treatments - either high temperature steam along with two chemicals or portable high temperature devices as the only proven way to destroy the adults and their egg's is through temperatures above 45 degree's centigrade. 

Mouse control in Sonning and Wargrave 

Mice encountered in Wargrave will tend to be the field mouse and this little creature is only regarded as a pest when they get indoors; able to squeeze through a hole that is no bigger than your little finger so just about any gap possible!  
When it comes to dealing with rats, mice and squirrels we always look to seal up the entrance points as our aim is not to just provide a temporary solution but to get you pest free for good. We don't poison field mice as these are part of the food chain for raptors like barn owls and kestrels and these birds are prone to secondary poisoning. 
As we are a local company we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are a series of links that take you to our main website and covers in depth the pests that we treat. 
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