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An introduction to Maidenhead Pest Control 

Some local sounding pest control companies are in fact nothing more than a call centre which sub-contracts work out to third parties; you'll often get a high cost and low performance with these type of arrangements as you're paying two sets of people for the one job.  
Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we do things much differently, we are family run and locally based so you'll find our prices much more competitive and you'll get a better level of service. As a family run business we focus on delivering the highest standards possible; after all our work depends on repeat customers as a foundation and word of mouth. 

What pests do you deal with in Windsor? 

Just about every pest is within our sphere of work: insects form one part of the business with chemical treatments for ants, spiders, moths, beetles, wasps, fleas and hornets. Bed bugs are slightly different and these are treated with a combination of heat and chemicals, then we work on the rodents. Rats, mice and squirrels are all trapped or poisoned; our preferred method of treatment is to trap and this is explained in the rat section.  
We carryout mole trapping using traditional methods and we service large estates to small back gardens, finally, we carryout bird work such as netting and spiking to stop birds from nesting on a property and guano clearance and waste removal. 

Rat control in Windsor 

We know rats! These are the most common pest that we deal with; they say that you're never more than six foot away from a rat and sometimes this saying is not wrong. Our approach to rat control highlights our commitment to provide a better pest control service. 
If you have a rat infestation inside your building; commercial or domestic, we trap rather than poison to eradicate these animals; trapping allows us to track their movements as we are looking for confirmation on the access point. Once that entrance is found we will seal it up, preventing rats from getting back in - you can't do this with poison and there's a high chance of having dead animals rotting inside a void. 
The other thing we do that sets us apart from many other companies is that if necessary we will carryout a CCTV survey of your drainage system - there is no extra charge on this as its all part of the service; we aim to get you pest free! 

Squirrel catching in Windsor 

Many people do not realise that squirrels have the status of vermin; as cute as they are, squirrels are a non-native species in the UK and having no predators means that their population growth is unchecked. Squirrels damage young tree's, predate song birds decimating the population of robins, blackbirds and thrushes. They have also led to the demise of the native red squirrel as they carry a virus which the red's have no immunity to. 
Squirrels are equipped with teeth that are harder than iron and jaws that are incredibly powerful; the grey squirrel can gnaw through sheet steel. These rodents will gnaw through the fascia and gain access into the loft of a building, once inside they become very destructive raking insulation into a nest and tearing up fabrics stored inside; we trap squirrels and then seal up the entry point keeping you squirrel free. 

Mole catching in Windsor 

Moles live their lives largely unnoticed by most people, with a subterranean life with four hours of activity followed by four hours rest the mole is "out of sight out of mind" until they pop up in your lawn. Its not uncommon for a mole to pop up overnight and the first thing you'll see is half a dozen enormous molehills scattered across your lawn.  
We carryout mole catching the traditional way using humane traps that have changed very little over hundreds of years - poisonous gases are available for mole catching but we don't think this method works as there is no air flow underground and you have no way of knowing if you've killed that mole. 
Catching the mole is important to us as we work on a basis of "no catch = no fee". We only charge on proven results, we don't charge for call outs or setting up but on what we actually do through proven results. From a large private estate to a small urban garden we offer traditional mole catching at a fair price. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Windsor 

Wasps and hornets are everyone's number 1 pest and for us in the summer months something that keeps us very busy; there are seven different species of colony wasps that you'll likely to encounter in WIndsor and we offer a service that is hard to beat.  
Firstly we guarantee all of our treatments, the nest should completely die of within 24 hours, if it doesn't we will happily return to retreat it.  
Then secondly, our technicians will wait to watch the reaction to the treatment, during this time they will survey your property and in the even that they find more nests, these are treated - for free.  
These additional nests are also covered by the guarantee; when you choose Maidenhead Pest Control to rid you of your wasp or hornets nest there's no sting with our prices. 

Pigeon control services and guano cleaning in WIndsor 

Once domesticated for food pigeons have been living with man for centuries, the birds depend on us for their food supply and they have little fear of man as many good natured people feed them and so they are used to living alongside us. This becomes a problem when they're living on your property; they make an incredible mess from their droppings, discarded feathers and old nest material. They are incredibly noisy and as they wake with the sun this can be a problem when they are nesting on domestic properties. 
Here at Maidenhead Pest Control we offer a service where we install physical proofing in the form of either netting, spiking or wire mesh to prevent the birds from accessing the area. Roof top commercial air conditioning plant, domestic balconies and the space beneath solar panels are all areas in which we find pigeons nesting. 
These birds produced a lot of mess which is a health hazard in itself: bacteria, viruses and fungus all live in the nutrient rich mass that the birds deposit. We offer a guano cleaning service whereby we safely remove all this matter and then biocide and scrub the surfaces leaving it safe and clean afterwards. 

Bed bug heat treatments in Windsor 

Insect treatments all follow a similar pattern as they are controlled solely with chemicals; with bed bugs its a much different matter. The complication with bed bugs is that they are fast evolving and becoming resistant to the chemicals used in their control. There is one weakness that all insects have that we use, and that's the Thermal Death Point - all insects die at high temperatures and the TDP for bed bugs is around 44 to 46 degrees centigrade. 
All our bed bug treatments start with some form of heat and then its followed up with the latest chemicals; we offer two types of treatment, the first using 180 degree steam and the second depends on heating the entire room to 60 degrees. 
Bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly common with more widespread travel and an expanding population - heat treatments are the foundation of a successful treatment, without it you're wasting money. 

Mouse control in Windsor 

When we talk about mice we have to make a differential on the two types: field mice and house mice. Field mice are extremely common and as professional pest controllers we are not allowed to use rodenticde on them; they form the base layer of a food chain for many predators like owls and kites, poisoning these mice leads to secondary poisoning and something we should avoid. 
House mice generally stay within buildings and these have a genetic immunity to some poisons and so can be difficult to treat. We trap all mice whether the field or the house mouse and then we look to seal up the entrance points to keep you pest free. 
As we are a local company we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are a series of links that take you to our main website and covers in depth the pests that we treat. 
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