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An introduction to who we are - Maidenhead Pest Control 
When it comes to choosing a pest control company you really want someone who is local to you, and why is that do you ask? 
Well as we're local we understand the area of Woodley very well, if you have a simple pest like wasps for example that's straightforward and using local means that you get lower charges as you save on driving time and fuel. But, if its something like rats in Woodley then our knowledge is priceless as there are areas that seem to always have rats coming in via the sewers and drains and around the corner it'll be a completely different story with rats coming in via the outdoor environment - and we know which is which. 
We are a family run business - father, son and future son-in-law when he pops the question(?), and we provide a personal service focused on a method of work called Integrated Pest Management; we can and do use poison but unlike other pest control companies this is not of first or only method - we use poison, or what we call rodenticide only as a last resort where possible. Our preferred method of working is to investigate the property, looking through the drains with CCTV equipment to see if there is a defect allowing rats in, checking the walls and even the roof is necessary. If you've got any of the rodent pests - squirrels, mice and rats getting in then the most important answer that you'll want is to the question - "Where are they getting in?" 
Integrated Pest Management is about investigation followed by eradication and then the introduction of solid physical proofing to prevent them getting back in again - and that's exactly how we work. 
What pests do you deal with in Woodley? 
We deal with all the pests so insects like wasps and hornets during the summer and the autumn, clothes moths and carpet beetles which tend to be late summer and autumn, along with ants, cockroaches and bed bugs. The last two: bed bugs and cockroaches are becoming increasingly resistant to modern pesticides and we are seeing a rise in the number of callouts for these insects due to this phenomenon; these are certainly going to be more difficult to deal with in the future.  
Rodents such as rats, squirrels and mice are all dealt with on a regular basis in Woodley and we pick up some mole catching around some of the edges - Copse Mead, Redwood Avenue and Sandford Lane being our hotspots for these little gentlemen. 
We also provide a pigeon proofing service; anyone who's driven under the A329 at Loddonbridge will see the amount of birds that congregate in this area; they'll also roost beneath solar panels all over the town. 

Rat control in Woodley 

When it comes to the rats then we're the experts especially in Woodley - we track these animals so we have a great depth of knowledge of where they are; those using the drains to access our homes and those in the gardens. 
We have invested in CCTV drain equipment so we can look along the subterranean route into your home - we cannot provide repairs to the actual drains themselves as this is the remit of specialists but we make repairs to minor faults when we can. 
We use rodenticide only on a few occasions - there is no guarantee as to where the animals will die and it can be quite distressing to have rats decomposing inside the house.  
The use of breakback traps removes the animals physically from your home and we are on hand to come back and collect when we trap one. 

Squirrel catching in Woodley 

We deal with a lot of squirrels in Woodley, the close proximity of Waingels Copse, Ashenbury Park and Dinton Pastures means that we see a constant influx of these animals.  
Classed as vermin as they are a non-native breed, they have two breeding seasons each year and due to pressure on territories amongst the breeding females we'll get called out to these from late autumn right through to the start of summer. Again we trap squirrels rather than use poison and they will do some serious damage inside a loft in a short space of time. 
With no real predators in the UK the grey squirrel population is out of control and they certainly keep us busy. 

Mole catching in Woodley 

Moles aren't that much of a problem in Woodley but we see a constant movement from the railway line behind Copse Mead and down from Dinton Pastures; seldom seen above ground the first most people know is when the dreaded mole hills appear in the lawn.  
A random pattern of hills means that this is a feeding area and the more fertile the ground then the more activity will occur - windmills in milk bottles will not scare these insectivores off the ground. 
We use traditional breakback traps that have changed very little in hundreds of years and we work on the basis of payment for results - its called no catch = no fee and that's pretty self explanatory I think. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Woodley 

Wasps and hornets are everyone's number 1 pest and for us in the summer months something that keeps us very busy; there are seven different species of colony wasps that you'll likely to encounter in Woodley and we offer a service that is hard to beat.  
Firstly we guarantee all of our treatments, the nest should completely die of within 24 hours, if it doesn't we will happily return to retreat it. Then secondly, our technicians will wait to watch the reaction to the treatment, during this time they will survey your property and in the even that they find more nests, these are treated - for free.  
These additional nests are also covered by the guarantee; when you choose Maidenhead Pest Control to rid you of your wasp or hornets nest there's no sting with our prices. 

Pigeon control services and guano cleaning in Woodley 

Long ago domesticated and used for food, pigeons have been living with us for centuries, these birds now depend on us for their food supply and they have little fear of us. This becomes a problem when they start living on your property; they make an incredible mess with their droppings, discarded feathers and redundant nest material.  
These birds are incredibly noisy and as they will wake with the sun this can be a major problem when they are nesting on houses and flats. 
At Maidenhead Pest Control we offer a service where we can install physical proofing in the form of either bird netting, spiking or metal wire mesh to prevent the pigeons from accessing the area. Commercial air conditioning plant, domestic balconies on flats and the space beneath solar panels are all areas in which we find the birds nesting. 
They produce a lot of mess which in itself is a health hazard: bacteria, viruses and fungus all live in the nutrient rich mess left behind the birds. We offer a guano cleaning service whereby we safely remove all this matter and then biocide and scrub the surfaces leaving it safe and clean afterwards. 

Bed bug heat treatments in Woodley 

Bed bugs are without a doubt the most cringe worthy pest that we deal with; the very thought of them is bad enough and we appreciate the misery that they cause. Picked up from hotel beds, the seats on buses and trains and from aircraft - wherever we stay confined for a period of time then bed bugs can infest.  
Not everyone reacts to their bites so be on the lookout for blood spots, discarded exoskeletons and a smell like a dirty, damp towel - all signs of a bed bug problem. 
We always use high temperatures to control bed bugs as they cannot withstand temperatures above 49 degrees Celsius; we combine our standard treatment with two cutting edge chemicals and for more in-depth problems we can install portable heaters to raise the entire room to 60 degrees Celsius. 
Don't let the bed bugs bite - call us out 

Mouse control in Woodley 

No matter where you live in Woodley mice can be found just about everywhere; these will be field mice and we do not use rodenticide on these little creatures as the poison is licensed for them.  
Field mice form the basis of the food chain for many raptors and increasing amounts of secondary poisoning from eating the affected mice means we are killing owls, kestrels and kites.  
Field mice can be trapped and the access point sealed; once this is done you will be pest free and the birds of prey will be safe from any form of secondary poisoning. 

Cockroach extermination in Woodley 

The German cockroach is widespread throughout the area and these can appear almost overnight; the main culprit's will be the purchase of second hand appliances, food items bought in bulk in the manufacturers wrapping and items shipped in from abroad.  
The reason is that the female cockroach lays her egg's in a tough leathery case; this is tuck somewhere safe and will contain between 30 and 35 egg's - one egg case equals an entire infestation. 
Becoming more difficult to treat the German cockroach will also spread through voids in modern construction - blocks of flats are built with voids to hold electrical cables, gas lines and water pipes and these are exploited by the cockroaches as a means of travelling undetected. 

Waste Clearance in Woodley 

As part of our pest control service we can remove contaminated items like redundant sheds, spoiled loft insulation and the guano from a pigeon infestation. We are licensed to carry waste and we dispose of all this material at approved sites and we can provide receipts for all our tipped goods and waste - so you know where its gone. We carryout garden clearance cutting backs shrubs and growth which have given squirrels an easy route into your property, waste material that has accumulated giving rats harbourage and commercial rubbish that has built up and got out of control. 
As we are a local company we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are a series of links that take you to our main website and covers in depth the pests that we treat. 
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