Maidenhead Pest Control - professional rat catching in Henley-on-Thames 

Maidenhead Pest Control for professional control of rats. We are experts in rat catching and work using traps rather than poison.  

 Effective rat control from a family run company  

What we do and why we're different 
We trap rather than resort to the use of rodenticide, occasionally we will come across a situation where poison is the only form of control but its rarely our first choice, trapping allows us to remove any dead rats and we can use these to tell us where they got in through the use of tracking dusts and gels. 
Once we know where the rats have got in to your property we can then seal up these entrances leaving you 100% rat free; if the issue lies with a defect in the drains, then we will carryout a CCTV drain inspection which is included within our standard service - no extra charge for our drain surveys as we look further than many other pest control companies. 
rat behind bars

 Rat extermination in Henley without poison  

What we don't do 
We don't believe that this is the type of industry where you can offer "special deals" or "Christmas offers", nor do we believe that you can set the number of visits to a price, we'll work with you until the end of the infestation and not just provide three visits. 
We don't think that resorting to the sole use of rodenticide to control a rat infestation is a professional working method, yes it'll kill the rats off but your no better off as the access point won't be determined - they'll be back 
We don't leave rodenticide in your loft - 'just in case' - that's a complete no no! 
dead rat

Maidenhead Pest Control the tell tale signs of a rat infestation: 

People often ask us how do they know if its rats, mice or birds creating the disturbance, here is a list of the tell tale indicators that you've got rats rather than another rodent or a bird. 
Noise: you may hear noises in voids like cavity walls and inside the loft late at night and early in the morning; this will be the rats entering and leaving the property as they are largely nocturnal and much more active at night 
Smell: rats will urinate continuously as part of marking their territory so you can smell the acrid stench of urine where they travel. Rats also have greasy fur that smells musty and we can sometimes pick up that odour if they are nearby 
Droppings: when fresh, rat droppings are soft and the colour of milk chocolate, as they age and dry out the colour quickly darkens through black to an ash grey when they are really old 
Damage: rats love to gnaw and they will work on soft surfaces like electrical cables and plastic water pipes - have the lights suddenly stopped working? We see a great deal of electrical cable damage when you rats so don't delay if you suspect that you have a rat problem 
Sightings: if rats are in the house, their reactions are twelve times faster than ours, so if you see a blur whizzing past - that was probably a rat and definitely time to take action 

Rats - natures ultimate scavenger and true survivor 

Rats are one of natures all round super species, these rodents only really exist where we do for the reason that they scavenge from our table; as comensual rodents which means from the table of man they have perfected life from our scraps. 
In a wild state they would be seed and grain eaters but in our towns and cities these rodents thrive on whatever they can find, food from our waste bins, food that has been dropped or thrown onto the floor. They will eat dog feaces left lying on the lawn if there's nothing else and we've all seen them climbing onto bird feeders. 
Able to dig, swim and climb they will continually try to access the interior of buildings in search for food and no matter where you live in Henley you'll have rats living in close proximity which is why our focus is in finding out where the rats live and how they get inside our homes and businesses. 
We work to a higher standard of rat control called Integrated Pest Management where we look at the wider picture: where are the rats coming from, how are they getting inside and what measures can we put in place to prevent them. 
Rats are a common problem in Henley and one that is on the increase right across the region so you're not alone if you are experiencing problems with them, don't think that they will leave of their own accord as we are seeing an increase in year round infestations. 

Total rat control across Henley-on-Thames from  Maidenhead Pest Control 

Call Maidenhead Pest Control for a professional solution to your rat problem. 
Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have rats - don't leave it as things will quickly get worse and ultimately serious damage will occur. Rats are a health hazard and commercial owners have to be careful, there is a duty of care to their employee's and customers. 
To let us solve your pest problem, call us today on 01628 30 20 48.  
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