Maidenhead Pest Control - professional, local rat control in Windsor and Eton 

Maidenhead Pest Control for professional control of rats 

There are 120 million estimated rats living across the Uk and towns like Windsor and Eton with older properties and the River Thames running through them have a thriving population of rats. 

Local rat control from a family run company 

We are family run business that focuses on rodent control with a view to getting right to the source of the infestation, we survey not just your property but in a situation where it is terraced or semi-detached we'll look at your neighbour's house as well. We look at the building and not just the address. 
What we will do 
We'll trap rather than use poison so we can physically take out the dead animals. 
We'll search for the entrance point - this is the most important part of the treatment. 
We will even conduct a CCTV survey of the drainage system if we think that this is the access point. 
We get you rat free - that's the goal. 
rats eating

Rat catching in Windsor and Eton with a difference 

We base our treatments on actual trapping rather than the immediate use of poison; our aim when dealing with any rodent is to find the entrance point and to do that we track, trap the animals and determine from them where the entrance is. Then we'll seal it up meaning your rat free - for good! 
What we won't do 
We won't place poison in your home unless we have a very good reason ie: its out of control. 
We won't do "three visits" as the "treatment" - we don't have a set number of visits. 
We won't sell you a drain survey; its part of the service. 
We won't offer special offers and seasonal deals - this is not 'a buy one get one free' industry. 
rat in the kitchen

Maidenhead Pest Control for permanent rat eradication.  

The signs of a rat problem. 
Rats are furtive creatures by nature however they leave behind key markers which we pick up, these are simple things like smear marks.  
Rats have dirty greasy fur and where the rub up against something like a door frame or a piece of skirting board, this builds up into a dark stain.  
Rats also love to gnaw and they will work away of pieces of wood like a roof joist and we can spot the splinters in the loft.  
They also love gnawing on thick pipe insulation so we'll pay special attention to that. 
Rats also defecate and urinate where they travel so we'll look out for the droppings and the tell tale smell of urine.  
We use tracking dusts and gels, applying these to their travel routes so we'll be looking out for footprints and of course, checking trapped rats to see if their fur is stained with the tracking compound. 
Rat on a pipe

Low cost professional rat catching in Windsor and Eton 

Why do rats enter our homes? 
Rats need to be near man, the term for both rats and the house mouse is the comensul rodent which literally means "from the table of man".  
Both of these animals do not survive in the wild to any real extent, you'll find these rodents species around farm stores and grain silos and in towns and cities.  
Living with us gives them a year round supply of food and more often than not somewhere safe and warm to live. Having access to food, water and safe harbourage rats can breed all year round.  
An average female rat will produce between 40 and 60 young rats every year, her offspring will become sexually mature weeks of birth meaning that a single rat and the offspring will number 2000 by the end of a year if all were to survive.  
And they say that you're never more than six foot away from a rat! 
How do rats get into our homes? 
Rats are opportunists and equipped with some amazing skills, they have the ability to jump upwards over 70 centimetres from a standing start and over a metre horizontally meaning they can travel over most of our homes and businesses.  
Rats are able swimmers and even tread water for a few days so completely at home in our drains and sewers.  
These abilities mean that they can jump across gaps, climb up ivy and even the brickwork itself and swim into our homes, right through the toilet S bend itself - the drainage system is full of rats and this connects just about every house in the UK to one another. 

Maidenhead Pest Control covering Windsor and Eton  

What do rats eat? 
Rats are considered to be omnivores in that they will eat anything that they come across, cereals and grain are the staple diet of rats but in towns and cities they feed from bird feeders, off the pavements where people drop food late at night and from rubbish.  
They will even eat human and dog feaces when faced with little else, there is not much a hungry rat will turn its nose up at! 
This diet of whatever comes to hand is one reason why rat droppings can be so dangerous, rats carry salmonella as well as a disease in their urine which is extremely dangerous - Weils Disease. 
Weils Disease can affect anyone who comes into contact with rat urine, usually fishermen as rats are often on riverbanks but if you have a rat infestation you should be aware of the hazards and the symptoms -  
Rats defecate wherever they travel and they'll deposit their feaces about 40 times a day, look out for slightly curved almost banana shaped objects that are between 10mm and 20mm in length. These will often be found in a corner or along a edge like a large joist or skirting board as rats like to run up against something as they move about. 

Total rat control from Maidenhead Pest Control for Windsor and Eton 

Call Maidenhead Pest Control for a professional solution to your rat problem. 
Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have a rat infestation and can provide tamper-resistant bait stations, live catch traps and snap traps.  
Many people try to resolve their rat infestation through the use of DIY traps and over the counter poisons; we use up to date powerful spring traps and the most powerful poison available which is only sold to professional companies. As well as being rat exterminators we will also include a detailed integrated pest management plan to combat your rat problem, which includes proofing and COSHH sheets for the poisons we use. 
To let us solve your pest problem, call us today on 01628 30 20 48.  
We will attend to any call out within 24 hours of receiving the telephone call with qualified and fully insured technicians for your peace of mind. 
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