Professional wasp nest removal service in Reading 

Professional wasp nest removal service in Reading from a local company 

Wasps are a summer problem and one of the most feared pests that we deal with, just the sound of something buzzing can be enough to instil fear and go onto ruin a relaxing time in the garden and here at Maidenhead Pest Control we can offer you a solution to any wasp problems that you may have. 
Reading is the central town in Berkshire and home to over 200,000 people, when it comes to delivering wa wasp nest removal service in the town, we have technicians working right across the area every day. We are a local family run firm that offers a wasp nest removal service within 24 hours of your call as we appreciate the way people feel about having a wasp nest inside the their house. 

Fast response for wasp nest removal in Reading from a local company 

Do you have a wasp problem in Reading? 
Our aim is to provide a same day service however in peak periods we will get out to you within 24 hours for wasp and hornet nest removal right across the Reading area. 
We take a great of pride in our service delivery and all of our wasp nest treatments are fully guaranteed. When our technician arrives to carryout the treatment at your property, they will conduct a visual survey to see if they can find any unnoticed wasp nests. 
Its common to find that there is one large wasp nest located on a property which is the one that we have been called out to treat; the worker wasps from this nest are taking out all the local insects and attacking other wasps from a smaller nest that so far has gone unnoticed, after the bigger wasp nest is destroyed the smaller one springs into life. 
We spend the time to look for any additional wasp nests and, in the event that we find some, we will include these within the original treatment – with NO extra cost. 

  Same day service for wasps and hornets across the Reading area 

We offer a wasp nest removal service available throughout the Reading area seven days a week and if we have external access to the nest you don’t even need to be at home. 
One telephone call is all that’s needed to get rid of your wasp or hornet problem for good. We will leave paperwork with you which details the insecticides used in the treatment for your records. 
As we move through the summer months, the nests get larger and wasp numbers will increase and with nine different species of wasp and hornet resident in the UK, their numbers can range from several hundred to several thousand. 
Wasps’ are a social species and will defend their colony, when treated they do not always behave the same but generally when their nest is disturbed or attacked they will release a pheromone which excites all the wasps in the vicinity. 
These chemical messages excite the wasps into an aggressive posture meaning that several hundred angry wasps are something that you want to avoid and so any treatments are best left to the professionals. 

Professional pest control in Reading  

At Maidenhead Pest Control our staff all work full time in the pest control industry, we are not a ‘pop up’ business that deals with wasps as a side-line. Our staff are fully trained and equipped with the best PPE for their protection. 
Our aim is to provide a safe environment by removing your wasp nest in a professional manner. 
We are an ethical pest control company and so we will not treat any bee’s nests, some bumblebees can be relocated to another place in the garden but many species of bee that you’ll see in the garden are in fact harmless pollinators. 
These tend to one of the varieties of masonry or mining bee’s and you’ll often find them living in the ground where it’s a sandy soil or burrowing into weak mortar joints in brick walls; these bees are completely harmless and have an important role as pollinators and should never be treated. 

Effective wasp nest treatments from trained technicians 

Our wasp nest removal in Reading can be done in three ways, the best method is to inject the nest with a powerful insecticidal powder which acts as a nerve agent and kills the wasps within twenty minutes. 
If the nest is within reach of the technician this will then be removed and disposed of, any worker wasps coming back to the site will find themselves homeless. Without the pheromones to agitate the wasps there is no aggression and they will simply fly away after a period of time. 
When the nest is out of reach of our technician, inside a cavity wall for example, the powder will be injected directly into the void. Air currents, thermals and the movement of individual wasps will all track the powder to the wasp nest. Once again this is a strong insecticidal powder, and it will kill the wasps over a longer period of time. 
We always give it 24 hours and if after that time you are still seeing activity then we will happily return to retreat the nest. 
The third method is by using a strong liquid insecticide which is sprayed into the nest, we can use this method when the wasp nest is visible inside a shed, garage or loft. 
No matter which method is used to combat the wasps, we guarantee that activity will stop around 24 hours after the treatment. When a wasp nest is treated it reacts in a certain way and our technician will stay with you to monitor the activity to look for the telltale results that we have got to the heart of the nest. 
Our customers are our priority, and when it comes to wasp nest removal in Reading you won’t get stung by our prices. 

Guaranteed wasp nest treatments from Maidenhead Pest Control  

Call Maidenhead Pest Control for a professional solution to your wasp or hornet problem. 
Maidenhead Pest Control provides a free telephone consultation if you think you have a wasp or hornet problem phone  
01628 302048 
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