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Do you have a wasp problem in Woodley? 
Wasps, are they a pollinator or a pest? 
The answer to the question is both. We need wasps to support the environment as pollinators and they play an important part in sustaining our eco system, however, as we have all experienced, they are also an unwelcome pest at the all important family and friends social events. The BBQ , the family picnic and the pub gathering, as with most things in life, it’s all about balance and we all need to be well informed about both aspects of the existence of these creatures. There are more species of wasp like insects and even more undiscovered than any species of mammal or species of ant. 
Wasps as Pollinators – Wasps are an important factor in our ecosystem, they are pollinators like bees and some species of ants, however saying this they are not as effective, as flower pollen is less likely to stick to their bodies and move from flower to flower unlike the bee’s. 
There is more to pollination and sight and smell, wasps and bees also use electricity to their advantage, pollinating flowers in Woodley and around the world. The ability of wasps and bees to detect the electrical field around a flower can give them information such as the shape of the petal and even if another wasp or bee has visited to collect pollen, the air around the flower tends to carry a negative charge where the air around it remains positive, the movement of the wasp can even cause the pollen to ‘jump’ to the wasps body without touching the flower. 
It has been well documented that a world without wasps would be catastrophic to mankind, wasps protect farmers crops and even some species of plant from extinction and indeed, as a whole, the world’s economy. Wasps as friend or Foe, click on this link to make your mind up. 

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Wasps as Pests – Right across Woodley during the late Spring and early Summer wasps are a lesser known presence, simply because they are just busy building and sustaining their nest and going about their business. At this time of year they are more attracted to protein based foods and generally as the weather becomes warmer the BBQ is an optimum situation with burgers and sausages a feast before their eyes. 
Later in the summer and early Autumn their focus changes to sweet foods such as sugary drinks, beer and fallen fruit, this is the time when wasps become more aggressive. We are now talking about wasps as pests in Woodley; pests that sting and cause panic when we should all be enjoying ourselves. Added to the general fear and anxiety that some people experience is the serious situation of medical allergies and at its worst, anaphylaxis. This is a serious allergic reaction that can be life threatening and could be fatal, for more information on this please follow this link. 

Wasps nest removal in Woodley - hornet treatment also available. 

We need wasps but how can we live with them and minimise their impact on our routine activities? 
There are practical measures we can take to help us reduce the impact they have on us when we are going about our daily routines in and around our homes. 
• Wasps are attracted to white and yellow colours and cannot see red for instance, when thinking about your outfit for a social gathering, this is something to consider, as is the use of perfume and hair products which also attracts wasps. 
• When having a BBQ, keep foods covered and ensure there are no scraps left around, not only will they bring unwanted attention from wasps but also flies, another pest common in the summer. 
• As wasps are attracted to sweep sugary drinks covered, a wasp in a glass of your favourite tipple can be a painful experience, also pick up any fallen fruit under your trees. 
• Be vigilant, check your facias, soffits, decked areas and lofts for evidence of new nests being built, early detection will reduce the number of wasps/hornets around your home and garden. Make repairs, fill in holes in the lawn to prevent wasps forming colonies in these burrows. 
• European wasps create their nests in lower areas such as hedges and bushes, these species are more aggressive than the average wasp and many keen gardeners have been stung simply by disturbing the nest when trimming and pruning their property. 
• Wasps are attracted to light, if you are popping up to your loft do not turn the light on immediately, listen for activity, if it all sounds quiet then proceed to turn the light on and then visually check for any signs of nests. Sometimes it’s helpful to put the loft light on and wait ten minutes before entering, if you discover wasps in your loft contact a reputable pest control company for advice and the way forward for treatment 

Wasp problems in Woodley - self help tips 

• Wash any recycling material before putting in the recycling receptacle, this again reduces the attraction for their food sources. 
• Keen gardener? – plant species that repel wasps and not attract them, easier said than done, we are drawn to fragrant flowers and so are wasps, after all they are pollinators as we mentioned previously. Balance is the key, peppermint, essential oils such as Thyme, Eucalyptus and Citronella on cotton pads around the garden and home will also deter the wasps in the area. 
• Commercially available are ‘honey’ traps, readily available online, click on this link for more information read this RHS guidance 
• Create your own wasp traps, sugary water, apple cider vinegar and a dash of liquid soap with attract the wasps, and as a result they cannot get out and drown. 

Wasps nest treatment in Woodley - how we do it 

First step contact us on 01628 302 048  
We will advise you on what immediate action you need to take and book a time for our technician to come out and resolve your wasp or hornet problem. 
On site survey. 
Our technician will attend your property as soon as possible; for wasp nest removals in Woodley we aim for a same day service. The technician will discuss with you the way forward and then carryout the treatment, we use powerful pesticides which will eradicate the wasps or hornets within a matter of hours. 
We guarantee these wasp nest treatments and so in the event activity does not stop, we will re-attend to see how best to retreat the nest. 
While the technician is waiting to see how the wasps or hornets respond to the pesticides, they will carryout a thorough survey of the property actively searching for smaller, un-noticed nests. Its very common that the larger nest is the one that’s noticed while smaller and not so heavily populated nests remain unseen. 
These nests will be included in the original wasp removal treatment, so when these are treated, you’ll be wasp free with no additional cost; these other wasp nests are also included in the guarantee. 
Wasp nest removal in Woodley 
Wherever possible our technicians will treat the nest with pesticide and remove it from your property. 
This is done by using strong liquid chemicals or strong aerosol sprays, once the wasp nest is dead it can be cut down and removed in heavy duty chemical resistant bags for disposal via hazardous waste collections. 


Q: How many wasps in the average wasp’s nest? 
A: Each nest can vary in size; nests generally accommodate between 3000 – 6000 wasps but can be large enough to hold up to 10,000 wasps. 
Q: Where do wasps make their nests? 
A: The most common places to find wasps nests are in trees, bushes, wall cavities, eaves, soffits and in lofts, however there reports of wasp nests being found in the most unusual of places including toilet cisterns. 
Q: Do wasps die after they have stung you? 
A: No unlike bees wasps can sting several times especially when they are aggressive late summer early autumn. 
Q: Do I have bees or wasps; how can I tell? 
A: We take a different approach to the treatment of wasps as opposed to bees, if there is a risk to health then it is advisable to treat a wasp nest where most pest control companies do not like to treat bees nests or swarms, if unsure you can click on the following link to try and identify the species you have. 
We deal with wasps nests across Woodley, Sonning and the surrounding areas in two ways; firstly by the application of an insecticidal powder directly into the nest, or by using a liquid treatment where we break the nest up as we spray. No matter which method we choose, we guarantee that activity will stop within 24 hours of the treatment. As a treated wasp nest reacts a certain way and our technician will stay with you to monitor the activity, while they’re with you they will search for any other wasp nests. It is common to have a large wasp nest that has been adversely affecting a smaller nest in the vicinity; remove the large nest only and the smaller one will now spring into life. We do not charge you for additional nests as these are all part of our commitment to customer service – our customers are our priority, and when it comes to wasp nest removal in Woodley you won’t get stung by our prices. 

Guaranteed wasp nest treatments from Maidenhead Pest Control  

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