Pest control services in Sonning 

Local family run pest control company servicing Sonning and Twyford and the surrounding areas 

Who is Maidenhead Pest Control? 
We are a small family run business based locally; we're a father, son and future son-in-law sized company and we aim to deliver the highest standards in pest control. 
What pest control services do you carryout in Sonning? 
We deal with all types of pests, from the basic insects like clothes moths and carpet beetles to the more complex one's like bed bugs; bed bugs are becoming more difficult to treat and requires different methods of control to eradicate them. We deal with the rodent species like rats, mice and squirrels and our rodent treatment starts with trapping rather than straight to the use of poison; we practise Integrated Pest Management which is much different to the type of service offered by other pest control companies. For example we don't use rodenticide as the traps allow us to physically remove the animals and as we track their routes once we've started trapping we can determine the access point. IPM is about sealing these routes so you don't have the problem again - a much better standard of pest control than just the use of poison. We also carryout mole catching and we provide bird control, usually for feral pigeons which nest on buildings and underneath solar panels. We are licensed waste carriers and we remove contaminated items and redundant items like old sheds. 

Professional rat control in Sonning 

Sonning is no different to other towns that sit on the banks of the River Thames in that you have a lot of problems with rats; rattus norvegius the Norway rat comes into the town in the autumn from the surrounding fields and infested peoples houses and sheds looking for somewhere warm and any additional food. 
We trap these and as another way into your property is via the drains we will carryout a CCTV survey of these to determine if that is the point of access, the survey is included in our standard rat control treatment and we don't hike up the charges for these. 
Rodenticide is used for rats but only as a last resort. 

Squirrel catching Sonning 

The north American grey squirrel is a major pest in Sonning because as an introduced species they have few predators, the squirrel becomes a pest of homeowners as they will gnaw through the roof fascias to nest in the loft.  
The grey squirrel has two breeding seasons and they will often build their dreys in our lofts, tearing up loft insulation and any stored soft furnishings in the process. Active by day the squirrels will move around at night and due to the size of the animals this noise keeps people awake. 
We trap squirrels rather than use poison on them and then look to seal the entrance point keeping you pest free. 

Mole catching in Sonning 

Mole catching in Sonning is done on a traditional basis using traps that have changes little over the years; we use humane break back traps set down in the mole runs and we charge on traditional lines. 
As moles are elusive you never know if the it has moved off the ground or if its still around, we charge on proven results so you only pay for those moles which we catch, in the event that we don't catch the mole then you don't get a bill. 
We carryout mole catching in small domestic lawns to large country estates. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal in Sonning 

A pest most people are familiar with and the most common one encountered by us, wasps and hornets are dealt with from spring right through to winter. We have seen a massive rise in the demand for wasp nest treatments and in part that is down to recent arrivals from Europe. 
Two new species of wasp have settled in southern England in the last twenty years: the Medain wasp and the Saxon wasp - these add to the other six species of colony dwelling wasps that we often see. 
2019 saw the arrival of the Paper wasp and the Asian hornet so we can be sure to be even busier next year; all our wasp and hornet treatments are guaranteed and we will also deal with any other nests that we find at the same time - within the original cost. 

Pigeon control in Sonning 

Feral pigeons have only one predator the peregrine falcon and as these are rare the flock sizes increase year on year; once bred and kept for food, pigeons are truly at home living alongside us and soon become a nuisance with their noise, droppings and smell. 
We provide a range of bird control services from spiking ledges to prevent the birds from roosting to netting which prevents the birds from accessing an area to guano cleaning where we remove all the waste and clean the area. 
We also carryout void proofing to the underside of solar panels as this is an area that feral pigeons have started nesting under. 

Bed bug treatments in Sonning 

Once something just mentioned when you turned off the lights, bed bugs have become a modern issue that is becoming more frequent. Modern travel see's the movement of people from just about every corner of the world to and from Sonning: we see a massive rise in demand following the summer holidays! 
Bed bugs are becoming increasingly difficult to treat and we always use some form of heat in our treatments: temperatures above 45 degrees centigrade are fatal to these insects so we use this coordinated with chemicals to bring about control. 

Mouse control in Sonning 

Field mice can squeeze through the smallest of gaps; roughly the size of your little finger, in older villages and towns like Sonning this means that a mouse in the house is very common. 
Again like with the rats we trap, identify the access point and then seal this up keeping you pest free for good. 
"No More Mr Mice Guy" - that's what is says on our vans. 

Cockroach control in Sonning 

These are one of the most commonest pests found inside houses; the female cockroach lays here egg's inside a protective case called an ootheca and these will be stuck in places like electrical appliances and inside packaging. 
We move goods quickly around the world and we can see imported goods with young cockroaches which then go on to form a full blown infestation within months. 
Cockroaches like to hide and come out at night so by the time you realise that you've got a problem it will be out of control - we provide monitoring contracts for commercial properties to keep them cockroach free. 
We deal with all pests and not just those listed on this page - for more information visit our website at, or, 
As we are a local company we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of your call, we will often try for a same day service for pests like wasps and hornets. Whatever your pest problem give us a ring - absolutely no obligation. 
01628 30 20 48 
Below are a series of links that take you to our main website and covers in depth the pests that we treat. 
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